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Help Your Clients Get Involved in Their New Community

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By : Drew Hartanov    99 or more times read
One thing that can help keep you in your clients' minds after they've bought a home in a new community is information on how they can make new connections. It can be daunting at first for people to start out afresh, especially if they come from a background where connections were always there. By keeping abreast of local information, you can provide your clients with a personalized list of contact information that they can use to get involved with their new community.

Every list needs the usual emergency / non-emergency numbers – police, fire department, hospital, etc. A map is a great idea. Most people shop, so a list of local grocery stores and shopping malls is also good. Movie theaters are a common enough amusement that you can safely include them, as well as recommended local restaurants. (You can probably get most of this information if you team up with a local community greeting service if yours has one).

Beyond that, listen to your clients. What are they interested in? What groups are they already involved in? Do they have pets? Do they have children? Do their children have sports or hobbies? You can get creative with this and it can be fun.

Pet lovers will appreciate a list of local pet supply stores, veterinarians, parks where you can walk a dog, off leash dog parks, local boarding kennels. Parents would probably like the contact information for the local school board, a list of schools, child-focused shops and businesses, any children's activities in the area, parent's groups, a list of babysitting resources, etc. For people who have hobbies, there are often a lot of hobby groups that have chapters in the area. Think of supply stores, interesting attractions and off-the-wall places that might just have what your clients are looking for.

In addition to surprising and impressing your clients with your attention to their unique likes, you are also giving them a powerful incentive to get involved with their community. Involved people tend to be better homeowners and community members and happier about their place in their community. Our job as agents includes making people happy about their new home and community. Happy people refer new friends to you and think of you first when it's time to move or sell.

A ‘community connection' list is a great way to show your clients that you really care about their lives and future in their new neighborhood. In addition to being a unique “welcome home!” present, it keeps your name in their thoughts whenever they check the list (of course you're going to put discreet contact information in the header, aren't you?).
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