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A Solution to the Real Estate crisis

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By : Russ Eppen    99 or more times read
Solving the Real Estate Crisis

The Facts:

Many real estate loans that were granted to those who bought houses in the United States since 2002 are being wiped off the books, as many of these homes are being foreclosed upon, or the mortgage company is allowing the home owner to enter into a short sale, which also wipes the loan off the books. Every time a house is sold in a distressed circumstance, we are not only punishing the owner of the house, but we are also punishing the economy of the United States.

The Problem:

Homes are being sold after foreclosure or short sale far below actual market value. These homes are flooding the market, which has been driving down market value of surrounding properties for the past five years.

The Solution:

“Sell” the house to the current owner at current market value instead of placing the property into foreclosure, or selling the home as a “short sale”. Erase the original mortgage and start a new mortgage at the current market value ONLY IF the current owner agrees not to sell the property within five years. The new loan would be contingent on current owner agreeing to pay the original mortgage in full to the company if the owner sells the house prior to the five year period ending.

Current owners must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Must be their primary residence

  • Must have purchased the property after 2002

  • Must not have refinanced for a higher amount of their original mortgage

  • Must have had a hardship such as loss of income, illness, spouse deceased, etc.

  • Must be able to qualify under current mortgage company guidelines

Mortgage companies would be receiving the same amount in monthly payments from the current owner as they would from a new buyer – what’s the difference who makes the payments? The property is going to be sold for a reduced price anyway, so why not “sell” it to the current owner if they can afford the new payments based on current value. Furthermore, the original loan granted to the home owner is going to be taken off the mortgage company’s books anyway, so why not let the original home owner keep their house thorough this type of “home loan modification”?

Everybody Wins:

Mortgage companies would save money by not having to pay for the foreclosure process, not having to pay property taxes during the foreclosure process, not having to pay the staff that is needed to manage the huge amount of distressed properties the mortgage company has, not having to pay real estate commissions when the property is sold after foreclosure, and not having to sell a home that, on many occasions, has been damaged by the former owners. Also, it would not be months before the VACANT property is actually sold, and instead, the mortgage company would be receiving regular monthly payments towards a new loan, instead of nothing on the original loan.

The property would continue to be maintained, instead of deteriorating, which brings down the value of neighborhood homes. Mortgage companies will receive the exact same mortgage payments that they would receive if they sold the home to another person. Owners of real estate would keep their homes for a minimum of five more years.

This would greatly decrease the real estate inventory of short sales and foreclosures, helping to start the return of a normal real estate market. The economy would begin to recover because the strength of our economy is directly related to the real estate market.
Russ Eppen, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Best Sellers, Dayton NV 89403

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