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The Trouble with Refinancing Your Mortgage

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By : Andy Denton    99 or more times read
Analysts say that there is no better time to refinance but this period when the government has successfully managed to influence mortgage rates to dip from soaring levels. And why not? The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has been set at 5.58 percent from 5.99 percent a week ago. The 15-year fixed-rate also plunged to 5.35 percent from 5.78 percent. Refinancing is one way to revive the ailing property market aside from first-time buying and new purchases of houses. Refinanced mortgages benefit homeowners who can now pay lower mortgage payments per month from new interest rates. They can even shorten the term of the mortgage, consolidate loans, and use the homeís equity to purchase a larger mortgage. These homeowners can get credit much easier without defaulting eventually.

But is it all too easy to be granted refinancing during terrible economic weather? The answer is a resounding no. The downbeat economic data that are released weekly continue to affect real estate markets in New York, Richmond, Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City and San Francisco. Itís a combination of lower prices from rising foreclosures, declining sales and unprecedented job loss in history since the crisis in the 1920ís. While supply is plenty, borrowers need to qualify with a credit score of 720 or better for better approval. Lower scores would have them required to pay a fee equal to 2.75 percent of the total loan amount. The credit market is also remains tight.

The Federal Reserve recently released a report that most states that had a vibrant property industry now have constricted lending. With less money to circulate in the economy, consumers will draw back from purchasing most especially long-term expenses like taking a mortgage. To make matter worse, more workers hit by the onslaught of unemployment rises would be trapped in dire financial consequences. This would constitute to rising foreclosures in the first half of the year as massive layoffs by top corporations are scheduled.

The Mortgage Bankers Associationís latest Refinance Index has improved by 0.3 percent week-on-week. Itís a slight improvement from the downbeat rates that were registered since April but the numbers may not reach significant highs yet unless the crisis cycle is abated.
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