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How the unemployed can make money in real estate

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By : Patrick Esposito    99 or more times read
It is not easy being unemployed. Most people want to wake up with a purpose. In this relatively short life, we want to feel our time is well spent. When you are working and making money, there are more and better choices as to how to spend your time. In today’s day and age, it is almost commonplace to run into someone or know someone who is unemployed. Even when there is a steady job to go to every day, it still always seems like there is never enough money. When the job is not there, it is much worse. For those who have a penchant for real estate, and who are not afraid to work, there are opportunities to make money. If you do not see the opportunity, then create it. The following are some suggestions:

  1. Clean houses. You can work for a cleaning service, or you can start your own business and make much more money.

  2. Mow lawns, trim bushes, install landscaping. With some good old hard work, you can start out part time and build a business that can eventually provide a full time income.

  3. Assign contracts. Find the good deals and assign them to other buyers.

  4. Clean carpets. Carpet cleaners make pretty good money. You can start out with a rented carpet cleaner, and build up the business.

  5. Become a painter. Hard work and decent pay: it is the American dream.

  6. Are you handy? Handymen are the poor cousins of contractors. If you keep busy, you won’t be so poor.

  7. Manage real estate. Many real estate investors love real estate, but hate managing property and tenants. There is opportunity here if you have a knack for this.

There are other opportunities, for sure, but here are some to consider where your interest may lie. If you can’t find opportunity, then create the opportunity. One day, you may tell everyone how you have made your money in real estate. Remember to always be an informed real estate investor.
Pat Esposito has been involved in real estate for 28 years as an investor, trainer, and consultant. He is the author of The Best Investment You Can Make, and The Informed Real Estate Investor and is the founder of
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