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Staging Your Home for a Winter Sale

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If you're selling in winter, there are a lot of things you can do to encourage buyers to keep coming back. These tips will help you provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home and encourage buyers to stay longer than they would otherwise.

Keep your home scrupulously clear of ice and snow. Remove ice and snow from the roof and ensure the gutters are clean. The last thing you need is someone slipping and falling in or near your house; it doesn't say much for the perceived safety of the property. Ensure that there is safe parking that is easy for the buyer to access.

Stage your home like you would for any other time of the year: remove dirt and clutter. Make sure that your general cleaning includes the windows - inside and out, so that nothing appears dirty. Homes can get dirtier and appear a lot dingier in winter, so be extra diligent about the cleaning. A clean, warm house is the first step to a perfect winter home staging.

If at all possible, arrange showings in the daytime, to allow the natural light to brighten your home. Also make sure that you have ample outdoor lighting in case there is a showing just before or after dark. The path or sidewalk to your door should be generously illuminated. Consider stringing cheap but attractive Japanese-style lanterns or other inexpensive lighting along a dark path or walkway.

Put attractive looking welcome mats on both sides of the door to help minimize mess and drips. Make sure there is adequate accommodation for coats, hats and other belongings that need a temporary home while the tour is being conducted.

Keep your home just warm enough to be comfortable for someone in a sweater. Most people will be wearing coats or long sleeves at this time of year; set the thermostat to a temperature that will keep them in the house rather than rushing outside for the coolness of a freezing night or the warmth of their car heater. A fireplace can add some extra warmth and also provide a cozy ambiance, if it is safely contained, supervised and extinguished.

A few hours before your prospective buyers are due to come, open some windows and doors for a change of air. This will keep the home smelling fresh and avoid stale smells. A regularly aired-out home also doesn't tend to attract lingering odors.

You may also want to introduce a smell or two traditionally associated with winter cheer. Chocolate chip cookies smell heavenly and, left for your guests to enjoy, may leave a lasting impression. Other winter smells are apple cider, cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh baked bread. Hot cocoa left out can also encourage guests to stay around for longer.

Use soft, thick coverings and throws on beds and couches. If you are repainting, try for warm colors that emphasize the comfort of your home. Hang thick, plush robes in the bathrooms. Use fabrics and colors that feel luxurious on the skin and look good to the eye.

A little work on your part to bring the warmth and comfort of your family home out for your prospective buyers can reward you with a quicker sale. Don't hesitate to do a little extra to make your home appear inviting this winter; it can really pay off!

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