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Foreclosed Home Search Reveals Processing Problems

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
A person conducting a foreclosed home search will not only find that the U.S. is currently sitting on a huge inventory of foreclosed properties, but that it is also facing procedural shortcomings which resulted in a big number of Americans allegedly losing their homes when they should not have.

Home foreclosures by state have risen at almost record highs last year. However, a huge percentage has been blamed by some analysts on careless processing of foreclosure documents and deficiencies in the procedures used by lenders to handle foreclosures. These issues, along with other process-related concerns, are being closely scrutinized by federal regulators in Washington.

Questions over the validity of the procedures used by lenders in processing foreclosures and properties sold at public property auctions for sale have led to legislators considering the possibility of sanctioning mortgage servicers. According to various reports, the Federal Reserve, along with other federal regulatory agencies, have been closely studying the foreclosure procedures used by 14 of the country's biggest mortgage service providers and are now discussing the possibility of providing sanctions.

A foreclosed home search online often provides researchers with more information than the location and price of foreclosures for sale. Most of them have also likely read broader issues related to the housing industry, such as the robo-signing controversy and the moratorium imposed on foreclosures last year. This increased scrutiny was reportedly part of the reason for legislators' investigation of the practices of mortgage servicers in the country.

The investigation reportedly showed serious problems in the way foreclosures and repossessed property sales were conducted. Problems range from documentation mistakes to errors committed by contractors to practices not properly overseen by lenders. According to officials, the mistakes vary in degree and nature from one mortgage firm to another. Regulators are now reportedly considering the nature of actions that will be taken against servicers found to have committed blunders in handling foreclosure cases.

Regulators reportedly stated that the effort is meant to improve the standards of services provided by mortgage firms, from the most basic foreclosed home search information to the most important documents that can result in homeowners losing or keeping their homes. Remediation for borrowers affected by faulty procedures is also reportedly being considered.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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