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Are Condos Child-Friendly?

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
People sometimes ask me whether condos are family friendly. They generally mean: Can I raise children in a condominium? My answer is usually “yes, but…” Just as single-family homes may or may not be child-friendly, the same goes for condos. If you already live in a condo and just learned you will be having a child, you can probably make it work. But if you are planning to have kids, or already have them, and looking to move into a condo, there are some things you should consider.

The community

In many condo buildings, the ages of the owners vary widely. But some cater more to certain demographics, like young professionals or senior citizens. Many parents find they are more comfortable living in condo buildings where they are not the only ones with children. Their neighbors probably will be more understanding of crying babies or kids who are stomping and running around. As you are looking at condos, ask if there are other families in the building. Also look for playgrounds or other signs there might be youngsters around. If there are lots of other families, your children may really enjoy the close proximity to other kids.

The location

If your children are school-aged, do you like the school they will go to? Is there bus service? If you choose to live in a downtown condo, the school bus may not pick your kids up. Is the building close to any parks or other areas where your kids can get outside and play?


If your condo is too small, both you and your kids probably will suffer. Remember that you cannot just put an addition on your condo, so the space you see when you buy it is the space you are going to have. At a minimum, you probably will want a bedroom that is just for the kids. Also, keep storage in mind. Your kids will probably have some toys or other play items and unless you can handle a messy room, you need space to store them. And if your kids have bikes or other sports equipment, a garage can be especially helpful.


Different condo buildings have different offerings in terms of amenities. Some common ones are swimming pools and sport courts. And if the building property has some open space, parents probably will see that as an amenity, too, since kids can use it to throw a ball around or play games. Amenities are an important consideration for parents because they give kids something to do and provide a way for them to get some physical activity.
Andy Asbury is a REALTOR® for The Realty House in Downtown Minneapolis and specializes in Minneapolis condos and lofts. Andy's featured Minneapolis condominiums can be found at 24 hours a day!

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