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Five Easy Ways to Stage Your Condo or Loft For a Quick Sale

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
Nobody who decides to sell a condo or loft wants it to sit on the market for very long. In a perfect world, the home would be listed for sale one moment, and a buyer would make an offer the next moment. That is not often how it works, of course, but as the owner of a condo or loft, there are some things you can do to tip the odds of a quick sale in your favor.

Following are five easy ways to stage your condo for a quick sale:


Remove unnecessary items from your kitchen countertops and shelves. Decorative trinkets must go, but even if there are items you use often, the best place for them is in a cupboard where you can access them as needed. And make sure it is organized. If there is clutter in your condo or loft, even if the clutter is tucked away in a closet, potential buyers will find it. And it will not make a good impression on them.


Remove pictures of yourself or your friends and families from the walls and from other areas you are displaying them. If you have a bedspread with a wild pattern, consider buying a different, more neutral bedspread. The same goes for pillows or other items that are distinctly you. When potential buyers walk into your condo or loft, they must be able to pictures themselves and their belongings in there. For many, that is tough to do if there are reminders of you everywhere.


Many sellers believe buyers can paint if they do not like what is on the walls. And it is true that painting is relatively easy. But buyers do not think that way. If they walk into your condo or loft and see paint that offends them, they will not think about how easy it is to repaint. So that is your responsibility. A fresh coat of paint will liven up any room. And if you have big, bold colors, tone them down. Neutral colors like beige, or various light shades or brows and greens are good choices.


In condos and lofts, the feeling of openness is important. While it is important to keep some furniture to define the space, make sure your furniture does not dominate a room. Buyers want to see what a room or space can be used for, but they also want to be able to picture their own furniture in there. That is difficult for them to do if your furniture covers every inch of the floor.


This does not mean a quick, surface cleaning. It means one of those deep cleans that takes all day. Most of us hate doing it, but buyers expect nothing less than a condo or loft that looks immaculate. Get on your hands and knees and scrub the floors. Wash the carpets. Dust everything. If there are any paint splotches on the ceiling or the floor trim, make sure to clean them. Otherwise, buyers will notice it right away.
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