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Be Wise When Buying Short Sales

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
Nowadays, there are so many cheap properties available in the market. The recession has affected the real estate sector, thus it is considered as a buyer’s market for many areas. Among the very affordable homes in the market today are short sale homes.

While short sales are very cheap, you have to be smart and wise when purchasing them. Keep in mind that shorts sales can be very difficult to purchase, so it is necessary to be aware of what to expect from this purchase. If you have been planning to buy a home for some time but is prevented by your budget, a short sale home could be a good choice for you as long as you are smart enough. You should learn how to purchase a short sale home to get benefits from it.

First, you have to know that short sale is all about. Short sales happen when the lender agrees to get a lower amount than what is actually owed by the homeowner in order to pay his mortgage. A homeowner will not be able to do a short sale if there is no agreement from the lender. When purchasing a short sale home you must be ready for a long wait because the process could take months before you receive a feedback. Some buyers wait for over six months for a response and mostly, the answer is negative.

Not all short sale homes are in foreclosure thus not all sellers are desperate. Furthermore, sellers often set the listing price unrealistically with the hope that buyers will jump on it right away. In a preapproved short sale, a buyer’s wait is shortened considerably. Typically, when a buyer walks away, chances are the documents were already submitted to the lender and the lender may have been close to issuing an approval. At this time, the only things missing are the loan qualifications and offer of the new buyer.

Whether you decide to wait for a short sale to become a foreclosure and the deed of the home transferred to the bank will depend on whether the property has numerous offers. If there is more than one offer submitted, the most likely to win is the one with the highest and most qualified offer. If you are the only one making an offer, the bank could have a negative reply or worst none at all. In this case, you would be better off to wait for foreclosure. Even with multiple offers, the bank could still say no if none is high enough for them. Don’t be discouraged when a bank rejects your offer since there are still plenty of cheap homes you can buy. Later, the bank could put the home up as an REO. If the price is good, you can buy it from the bank. At this time, you can be certain that you will be able to close the transaction in a month or so and most likely purchase the home at a very low price.
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