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By : Alan Barker    99 or more times read
Some agents were taught by older real estate brokers to never turn down a potential listing. Having a listing even if these listings doesn't sell is beneficial to the agent because this means he would be getting enough exposure like acquiring additional business. With the real estate business evolving more and more to internet leads, this philosophy has completely changed.

It is rare that potential buyers ever call a real estate agent off of a yard sign or newspaper ad in the real estate world today. Even if they want information on a listing they discover by driving by, they are more likely to seek information on it by looking it up on their computer or smart phone. Working with buyers from real estate internet leads is a much more effective use of time and money than taking unsellable listings.

When Logan real estate agents are considering listing a house, they need to consider the sellers reasons and motives, for selling before deciding to take a listing. Sellers who are just testing the market, or thinking about downgrading, that won't set a sales price, are probably a waste of time to buyers. A seller who needs to move because they have a job transfer, are moving out of the area, or just hate where they live will likely do what it takes to get a home sold.

Potential sellers who are selling because of financial distress or divorce can go either way. They might be realistic, and easy to work with because they need to sell their home, or they might be impossible to work with because they just don't care.

When meeting with a potential seller you'll also want to consider their personality. It is going to require higher maintenance? Will they ask you to do some things that in reality doesn't really help in selling the house fast? Are they wiling to help to get the home sold? Will they clean the house for showings. is the house still occupied by renters, who prefer that the property not to sell at all?

Also consider the property itself in relation to what sales price the seller will be willing to accept. What kind of condition is the house in? Is it functionally outmoded? Is it located in an unsafe neighborhood or on a busy road? Will it entail major changes that can turn off most buyers?

Good real estate listings won't waste their time, money, and effort on listing homes that they cannot sell. If you are a real estate agent who has nothing better to do, then it might not hurt to take an occasional overpriced or discounted price listing. But if you’re in the real estate business to make money, then just let it go.

Listing a home was an agent's bread and butter, but not anymore in today's real estate business. A real estate agent can still make money in listing homes, but only if the house is sell-able.
Selling Homes for Sale in Suffolk Virginia can be a difficult experience even to real estate agents given the varying personalities and motives of sellers. Selling a home? Get information from Woodbridge VA Real Estate for selling real estate.

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