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An International Style of Living in an International City - Dubai

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Are you looking for the International style of living? Where you can experience different cultures, people and environment? Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy the culture and traditions of different parts of the world at the same time? If yes, then International City –Dubai is the place.

International city on a Dubai’s land is a rural-themed architecture of residences, business and tourist attractions. Spreading over an area of 8 million square meters (almost the area of an actual city), the arrangement of the city is inspired by the traditional carpets of Middle East.

International city in Dubai is a themed residential architecture, business opportunities, and tourist attractions have made the International City District a much sought after location for families moving into Dubai. Once complete, the project will contain studio and one bedroom apartments and accommodate over 60,000 residents.

Dubai International City, embrace the residential districts of Central Business District (CBD), Persia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, England, France, Italy, Russia, China and Emirates. Apart from these districts that were initially planned for Dubai International City namely Lake District and Forbidden City are now on put on hold due to the effects of the Global Financial Recession. Some astounding attractions in the city include the World Famous Dragon Mart which is the world’s biggest machinery and equipment market.

Some Important Districts

The Residential District:

The Residential District of International city Dubai planned to have number of country specific and cultural theme orientated residential developments and retail outlets. There will be commercial shops, restaurants, medical centers, police station, transportation services and much more.

China District:

International City's China's sector is based at the end of the residential zone. The simple lines of its two-, three- and four-storey buildings, echo the Chinese mantra of harmony and balance. The traditional Chinese balconies and red tile overhangs will represent the traditional china and the new Dragon Mart Complex provides the touch of 21st century convenience.

United Kingdom Zone (England):

The District of United Kingdom will mirror the traditional London architecture, especially the culture and tradition of mid 18th till mid 19th century. Buildings that are topped by red gabled roofs and brick chimneys give the clear effect of Georgian and Revivalist styles. Shop fronts on the ground floor further accentuate England Precinct’s quaint little village charm.

Persia District:

When it comes to tradition and culture the Persian culture and its special tradition can never be neglected. The legacy of Persian history and the enduring popularity of its art have filtered through to every corner of the globe. This is evident in International City’s Persia Precinct. Situated in the middle of the residential distract, buildings are decorated with traditional Islamic domes and wide-spaced windows. These peach and blue colored facades lend the neighborhood an ancient character reminiscent of the ancient cities of Bam, Shiraz, Esfahan and Tehran.

There are other districts that include France, Greece, Spain, Russia, Morocco and Italy districts. Other than the international districts they have the particular area known as Emirates district. Lies at the northeast end, comprising low-rise apartment blocks offering studio and one-bedroom apartments, the unique design and architecture of these buildings capture the Arabian essence and timeless charm of the Emirates, providing a touch of nostalgia to thoroughly modern Dubai.

So are you planning to live in an International City - Dubai?
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