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Strong Economic Growth to Fuel Mexico Real Estate Boom

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By : Tom Budniak    99 or more times read
The fundamentals of Mexican economy are strong. And this has been amply proved by the resilience shown by the economy even when global recession was battering countries world over.

Now, according to Reuters which reported that "Mexico's improving economic prospects, coupled with low inflation, are winning the country a second look from international investors and fund managers."

Mexico is no longer just fantastic tourist destination south of border of USA. It is also an industrial hub for automobile and other labor intensive industries. Moreover, international investors are highly bullish about the Mexico's services sector which can be seen in the influx of more companies coming to Mexico. With newer, stronger and better financial regulations, Mexico will see a strong infrastructure development and foreign investments.

Mexico has an advantage over other emerging Latin American countries. It may come as a surprise but a recent survey by Merrill Lynch and Bank of America has shown that investors prefer Mexico over even Brazil.

Mexican economy is poised to grow around 4% this year. This coupled with its low inflation has attracted the attention of savvy investors from Europe to Americas. Market analysts are of the opinion that Mexico will benefit from a host of favorable conditions which will help in its all around development. Some experts expect Mexico economy to perform even better once its service sectors open up. With this efficiency increase and economy will be even more competitive, giving a tough fight to even BRICs.

Mexico's domestic market is also huge with its per ca-pita income double the Brazil's. This point to a strong internal demand. With the infusion of more foreign equity and rapid industrial development, Mexico's middle class will have more money in their hands which in turn will fuel even more economic growth.

As you may be aware, any industrial and economic development has a direct correlation with real estate market. With Mexico's economy doing better all the time, Mexico real estate market will see renewed growth and development.

Mexico real estate market will receive boost from not only foreign expats and tourists but from its middle class which has just now started to enjoy the fruits of economic growth.

Mexico is an underrated economy which will soon become the latest growth story for every economist. Any investment made today have strong possibilities of becoming the out performers in your portfolio. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of Mexico's growth and reap rich dividends in future.
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