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Tips To Reduce Your Property Taxes

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Property tax is statutory. This means that once you own a home, you are obliged by the state to pay property tax. The tax will depend on the type of property you have. It will be based on the age of the property, the size, the features and the like. Although the law mandates to pay property taxes, you can find ways to reduce the taxes you pay. Here are some tips to help you:

Find out how the state taxes your property. Where are they basing the value you are paying?

Someone has to evaluate your property in order to determine its value. The assessors will check the various details of your home and update your property tax card. The property tax card will have all the information about your property including its history and the changes made on the property. It will also have details about the property like the number of rooms and additional amenities. You can have a copy of the tax card from your local government agency. Study it and make sure that there is accurate information. If there are discrepancies, notify the agency right away to make the necessary adjustments.

Limit the home improvements at home

Home improvements can also affect the value of the property, thus, increasing the taxes that the homeowners need to pay. If you want to reduce your property taxes, limit the improvements you are going to make at home. If it is not essential then do not do it. If you really want to make the changes, see to it that it is not very extravagant and noticeable.

Do not make a big fuzz about the curb appeal unless you are selling

Curb appeal is essential to your property especially if you are selling. However, if you are not, limit the changes or improvements you will do to your outdoors. It does not have to be ugly though. Just make sure that you limit the changes you are going to do with it. Bear in mind that beautiful homes are easily associated with expensive prices.

Learn about the property values of your neighbors

You can have access to information of your neighbor’s properties as well. Check the values of their property as determined by the property assessors in your area. Take note of the size, style and other features of the property and compare them with yours. Some bigger properties with more rooms and features may be cheaper than your home. If you discover this, ask your assessor or file a complaint to your local government so they can review your property and make the necessary adjustment.

You can reduce the amount of property taxes you are paying by studying how the state calculates the property tax. Check the property tax card and have the discrepancies corrected. If you do not want to pay more taxes, you should also limit the home improvements you do at home. This is true for both the interior and exterior of your home. Check the value of the properties of your neighbors as well and compare them with yours. If there is significant difference, present it to your assessor as well.
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