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Realtors: Have You Jumped on the BlackBerry Bandwagon Yet?

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By : Tina Fountain    99 or more times read
Many people, especially those who are involved in business, will recognize the BlackBerry on sight, as it is one of the few smart phones that is recognizable by brand name. What the BlackBerry does is combine a cellphone, PDA, laptop and camera into a handheld mobile device. For the real estate agent who is juggling a full schedule of home showings, client appointments, MLS monitoring and more, it may just be the ideal co-ordinator of one's working and personal life.

What do you do all day? You have appointments for home showings, the office, you have stuff you have to get done, you have papers that need filing and a hundred other little tasks that can pile up and be forgotten if they aren't brought to your attention. You're on the road a lot to appointments, seminars, lunches, etc. Maybe you have to keep track of a lot of clients and colleagues. You may have a family, which will mean that you need to make sure that you're there for them when they need you. You need a portable system that's easy to use, but is also powerful enough to help you do all of this.

The BlackBerry allows you to sync your computer calendar/organizer with the Blackberry software. If you use Google Calendar or one of many other popular calendar/organizer software, your BlackBerry can update it as well as downloading information changes. This makes it easy to ensure that all of your appointments and reminders, including the ones you note on the fly are sent to where you will be able to see them when you are planning your schedule. While small, the keyboard for a BlackBerry is functional enough to support fairly quick data input.

Need to get to an address? BlackBerry Maps can help you by pinpointing your location with the BlackBerry GPS and showing you where the address you're seeking is on a map. You can plan a route or get driving directions to wherever you're going.

The constant connection to the Internet offered by most BlackBerry plans can be ideal for the busy agent, who is nowhere near an office, a computer and/or WiFi, to search the MLS and email clients. There is no more waiting to get back to the office; with a BlackBerry, the office comes with you. While not as powerful or as versatile on the Internet as a true laptop, the BlackBerry is more than capable of getting the essentials out immediately. The BlackBerry also supports MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger and Google Talk for realtime conversations.

Need to send a picture of a property or feature? The BlackBerry has a camera with zoom capability. The Internet connection makes it easy and fast to send said picture to Facebook, email or Flickr. If your clients are asking about what something looks like, you don't have to tell them - you can show them!

One of the most exciting features that BlackBerry is going to offer to Realtors is the eKEY from BlackBerry's parent company, Research in Motion (RIM). The eKEY will retrieve data directly from the MLS and enable users to search by ID number, address or buyers' profiles. Google Maps is connected so that listings can be viewed on a map. Contact information is constantly updated, so that you can contact other agents, no matter what company they are working for. Users can also get real-time notifications on home showings and the agent(s) representing the homes being shown.

All the bells and whistles that this little machine offers are perfect to help out Realtors on the move. If you're looking at changing your phone and wondering what would suit you best, check out the BlackBerry. It is a great solution to some of the problems of an "on the go" career.
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