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Do You Need Business Property Insurance?

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By : Miranda Marquit    99 or more times read
Protecting your business assets is important. Property insurance for your business premises is vital, just in case something happens to damage your location. Without it, losses could be devastating, whether they stem from liability or whether they stem from natural disaster.

Home Business Insurance

Many people don't think about needing insurance when they have a home business. After all, the assumption is that the home office will be covered by the homeowners insurance policy. While this might be the case with some policies, it isn't always the situation; some policies won't cover the business use of your home.

If you have a home office, damages to that part of your home may not be covered under your homeowners insurance. Another issue is that if someone is injured while visiting you for business purposes, you might find that the liability portion of your homeowners policy won't take care of it.

Rather than assuming that home business activities are covered by your property insurance, double check. Make sure you know what is covered. If necessary, you can get additional coverage to make sure that the business portion of your property is adequately insured. You can find online insurance quotes for your property to help you shop around for the best prices.

Off-Site Business Property Insurance

It's a little easier to remember to get business property insurance when your location is not the same as your home. In order to protect yourself, make sure that you have the business property insurance that you need. Review your policy to make sure that it has the coverage you need from natural disaster, fire and liability. It is especially important to make sure that you have the liability insurance that will protect you against injury lawsuits and other problems.

Also, make sure you have adequate coverage for your area, and the weather conditions you experience. Recent natural disasters remind us that in some places, insurance coverage isn't automatic for property. Tornado, hurricane, flood, and earthquake insurance may all be sold separately. If you live in an area prone to flooding, or if you think that a tornado might be a possibility, look into getting the proper coverage for your property. Otherwise, if disaster does strike, it might be costly enough to drive you out of business.

Bottom Line

Your business property, whether it is a part of your home, or a free standing building in another part of town, is important. It is one of the most expensive assets your business has, and so should be properly insured to help protect your business from financial devastation.

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