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Your dream home suddenly goes into auction and you are not sure as to how you should proceed, particularly if you are not familiar with the auction process. The best thing that you should do is to do your research on the whole process by trying to visit other auctions. Find out all you can about bidding. Auctions could vary in a lot of ways; a method that is preferred by another may not be preferred by others. Experienced buyers would agree that it is best to be assertive when bidding. Do not hesitate to ask questions and offer lower or higher than the price called for.

Typically, auctions are held in an auction room or on the property itself. Before bidding, you will be asked to register with the auctioneer, give your name and contact information. You will be registered to present proof of identification such as your passport, credit card of driver’s license. When buying at auctions, practice believing in nothing and checking everything. Even though auctioneers could tell you the truth about the home, you should check it carefully before you start bidding. If you are uncertain of the price, you could ask the seller. Sellers, unlike agent are not interested in deceiving you because they just want you to buy their home. You may write to the seller either at home or through their lawyer.

You should also get the details of the sales of similar homes in the area to get an unbiased and accurate opinion. If you are really interested in buying a home at auction, you could ask your lawyer before signing anything or spending money. Keep in mind, homes cost thousands while lawyers cost hundreds. Your attorney could talk to the agent on your behalf and could even go with your during auction. Keep in mind that ‘dummy’ bidders are part of the auction strategy, so be on the lookout for it. The reserve price is the lowest price the agent has managed to convince the seller to accepting, this is where you could benefit since you will get to know the seller’s lowest price but nobody would know your highest price.

Try to visit the real estate agent and ask details and a contract copy, this will include reports and study them thoroughly. Pay a visit to your lender to finalize your loan arrangements. During auction, it is vital to keep in mind that auctioneers are hired to set a good price as possible for the property. Furthermore, they are adept at determining interested parties and will use this to get a reserve price at auction. Try to show a little interest to encourage the seller into lowering the reserve price.

It is vital to wait for the reserve price before bidding. Determine techniques to use and stick with them. Visits to other auctions could give you an insight or idea on the bidding techniques, like changing the increment of the bid from the amount established by the auctioneer. This will intimidate bidders and will show confidence and a successful plan for you.
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