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Does Making A Strong Offer Increases Your Chances Of Success In Buying?

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By : Alan Barker    99 or more times read
Buyers know that its a buyers market and they know that there are good deals out there. Yet buyers want an even better deal on the already good deal even when properties are already in their best. What they want to offer is far less than list price, even when list price is far less than market value. That's the attitude when buyers know it's a buyers market but don't fully understand what that means.

Many buyers want to offer $50,000 less than the list price, on $150,000 homes in Logan. They want to see how the sellers will respond. Is a low ball offer like this a good strategy?

It depends on who the seller is. If the property is a short sale or bank owned home, then this may be okay . Banks are practical not to accept a pretty low ball offer. They might not get offended since it's just an offer so buyers still give it a try because there is a chance that they might actually get the property especially if they are willing to offer or pay more.

If the property is owned by a traditional seller, someone who has lived in the house and made it a home, then an offer like this is a bad idea. For a traditional seller, the home is worth a lot more than what any buyer will pay. Their home has memories, it has emotional value, it has a monetary value attached to the costs and improvements they have made to the property.

When traditional sellers get low ball offers, they get upset and more often than not refuse to even counter the low offer. They are more likely to develop emotional animosity to the buyer. The major reason for this is that there are sellers, especially traditional sellers, who won't sell their property to someone who doesn't see far beyond the monetary value of the home. The rational decision to do what it takes to actually sell their home gets overtaken by pride and disdain.

A good real estate agent gets in and counsels the client on the factors that determine the real value of the property which will enable them to make a realistic offer. Most sellers in today's market can't go any lower than their list price in order to avoid a short sale.

It's a new age of real estate. Whether a buyer is looking for Atlanta Real Estate, or Real Estate in Logan Utah , attitudes and behaviors are different than they have been in the past. It's important that real estate agents educate their buyers accordingly so that they really can offer the best service and expertise.
Even if you have the control over how much you pay and what kind of investment you’ll get into because it's a buyers market, this is not all. If you are looking to buy, or invest in Logan UT homes, a real estate agent is a must. Bank owned homes deserve a hard working yet patient agent and not a pushy salesman.

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