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Is loft living for me?

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
How would you describe the people who typically live in lofts? If you asked a group of 10 people the same question, one or two might give the same answer and everybody else would give a different one. And all 10 answers would be right. Indeed, the loft life can appeal to a wide cross-section of the population. It is not just artists or musicians who live in lofts, but also bankers and restaurant workers and government employees and college students and retirees and – well, you get the idea. So the question then: Is loft living for you?

If you prefer open-concept living, then a loft may be for you. While not all lofts are wide open – most have private bathrooms, and some have closets and set-off bedrooms – many of them are. You could be in the kitchen and throw a ball to someone watching television in the living room, and that person could throw a ball to someone walking in the front door. That type of floor plans harkens back to the days when artists and musicians in Europe used the open spaces of their lofts for both living and working.

Without question, you will need to enjoy urban areas if you live in a loft. While that means you will probably be within walking distance of clubs and restaurants and other downtown-type amenities, it also means you probably will be dealing with more noise than if you lived, say, in a house out in the country. Lofts tend to be in vibrant areas with lots of vitality, but there are trade-offs. You probably will A) share a wall or two with neighbors, and B) have to walk down a bunch of stairs, or take an elevator, to get down to the street. But people ready for the loft life may look at those realities as, A) needing only to walk down the hallway to see your friends, and B) a small price to pay for having a potentially magnificent view of the city (or a way to get in some good exercise).

And, finally, are you someone who constantly needs to be mowing the grass, shoveling the driveway, tending your flower or vegetable garden, or otherwise busying yourself with exterior maintenance? Some of us are. If you are one of those people, then loft living may not be for you. But if you like all of that taken care so you can have more time to go on a vacation, watch television, read a book, or any number of other activities, then loft live may be for you.
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