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By : Lisa Udy    99 or more times read
If you are buying a home for the first time here are a few real estate tips that will help you along the way. The first tip is to make sure you don't only look at the rate of interest or price but what the true price of your entire loan will be at the end of the contract. Do not overlook any of the small print, read everything that is put in front of you. This is one of the most important things you will do in your lifetime so be sure you know what you are signing up for before putting your name on the dotted line. The best advice for you on your first buy is to have a lawyer close by to go over everything for you, this way you know what to expect.

Make up a list of your monthly expenses, these should include gas, utilities, credit cards payments, insurance, groceries etc'. This will give you an idea of what your monthly mortgage payment should be for you to be able to live comfortably without going broke. You should always figure in savings for those household repair projects which may creep up at bad times too.

Shop around when it comes to rates on mortgages and find the best option for you that suits your needs and budget. Most mortgage loans can be either thirty year or fifteen year ones. Thirty year loans tend to have lower payments on a monthly basis but they do take thirty years to pay off. The fifteen year loans do have payments which are higher but you will own your home by the end of them.

If you are trying to sell your home first you should make it presentable and welcoming to prospective buyers when they visit. Wait until spring or summer to place your home up for sale as this seems to be the prime time potential buyers actually decide on purchasing homes. Plant greenery and flowers for show in the front and back yards to make for a quaint and cozy feel.

Your yard should be well maintained and shrubbery as well as flower beds trimmed and filled with vibrant and healthy plants. People love to see a well manicured yard that has been taken care of. If there is a garden out back be sure it is looking at its best as well as potential buyers who are women judge the rest of the home on this and more experiences.

When selecting an asking price for your home be sure to raise it so you will have room to negotiate with prospective buyers. When an offer which is low-balled is made to you, you should then counter with a re-submit invitation. Did you know that you can sell your home without real estate agents by listing it as for sale by owner?

Listing a home for sale by owner gives you control over everything from negotiations in price and contracts to open houses and meeting prospective buyers. Have a real estate attorney on hand though if you have never done this before. He will be able to guide you on what you need to do and how to do it. Appraise your home and then decide on initial asking price then list it yourself it's that easy.
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