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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Sales Show Improvement in March

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By : Tom Budniak    99 or more times read
Multi-List Vallarta brought out its report for the March sales and there are positive news for the Puerto Vallarta real estate industry. Property sales in the region of Riviera Nayarit and Vallarta showed great deal of improvement in March. The report revealed that 22 sales were reported for MLV. MLV only includes re-sales and not any new sales for real estate projects.

This figure is double the usual figures generally reported.

So what are the reasons behind this surge? Is this the sign of the things to come in near future?

One reason that seems to be driving back Americans back to Mexico and Puerto Vallarta is that they are increasingly getting skeptical of the Media's reporting which is unfairly showing Mexico in poor light. People want to know the facts for themselves. Feedbacks from tourists reveal the true story. Most parts of Mexico and specially Puerto Vallarta are safe and thriving because of proactive governments and positive environment for business.

Puerto Vallarta is as safe as any other city in USA. When people get down to Puerto Vallarta they find it a friendly and warm city. This is in fact true for rest of Mexico as well.

Americans are also finding it frustrating for things to improve in USA. They believe that rather then waiting in USA, they better retire to Mexico early and enjoy their time. Why wait for the good things when you can have it today! Putting off retirement to future doesn’t make any sense when such great opportunity beckons you in Mexico. Mexico has a well placed Medical and social infrastructure in place which ensures that not only you have almost the same lifestyle and amenities that you are used to in America but also is very affordable. For people who are retiring and have a fixed savings, living in a place with lower costs of living makes eminent sense.

There is another category of buyers. These are investors who know that Puerto Vallarta real estate represents great investment opportunity. Puerto Vallarta has many world class developments and at this point of time, they offer great value for money. They know that such opportunity was not there earlier and won’t remain in future so right now is best time to invest in Puerto Vallarta real estate for long term. Such strategic investors are snapping up the best deals today and will be in a great position to get higher ROI when regular investors start coming back to the market.

Puerto Vallarta real estate has a wide range of properties suited to every budget, which makes it affordable for even budget conscious buyers.
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