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Mobile House: Buying Tips

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
Mobile houses are not used as primary residence in the past. It is normally situated in parks where vacationers can use them. This is also popular for those who keep on moving. However, all of that has changed. Today, many are taking advantage of these inexpensive houses. Many are using this as their every day home.

Mobile house is associated with other terms like prefab homes, manufactured homes and modular homes. The specifics of these three categories of mobile homes may vary but the general concept is the same. The parts of the house, chassis or frame are manufactured elsewhere. They are shipped on site once purchase is made. The parts are then assembled onsite.

Before you purchase such house, you need to understand essential things about it first. One is that it is usually treated as personal property, similar to automobiles. This further means that, the property will depreciate. This is unlike the traditional house, which appreciates the market value.

When purchasing such property, keep these in mind:

  1. Choose a good retailer. Make sure that you find a good retailer. This means that they have to be professional. They should be able to assemble the parts and install the house in a timely manner. it is also essential that they follow the building codes and standards in your locality.

  2. Be familiar with the laws in your locality. The rules covering mobile homes in different States vary. This is why you need to be familiar with how your State treats the mobile houses. They are usually treated as personal property, which is similar with how cars and other automobiles are treated. Your state could treat the mobile house differently, just check with the provision of your local rules and regulations.

  3. Purchase the right size of house. The sizes could range from 8-24 ft in width and to about 100 ft in length. When choosing the size of the house, consider essential factors like the size of the land. If you are going to rent a lot for your house, see to it that you get the square footage of the area. Additionally, you should consider the number of bedrooms you will need. How many will live in the house? Will one bathroom suffice?

  4. Where are you going to place the house? As mentioned earlier, you have options for the location of your mobile house. It could be a designated park for mobile house complete with water and power source. However, you will need to pay a monthly rent. If you own the land, make sure that the power and water lines are ready.

  5. Examine the house. It is important that you examine the house after the retailer pieced them together. Check the frame and the walls. You should also inspect the insulation. It is important that the house is in perfect shape.

The mobile house is different from a traditional house in many ways. However, just like all properties, you are investing in it as soon as you purchase it. This is why you have to be cautious when purchasing the said house.

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