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How to Bring the Outside Into Your Condo

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
For all the upsides of living in a condo – and there are a lot of them – one of the glaring downsides for many people is the fact that most condos do not offer the same opportunities to access the outdoors as do single-family homes. Considering that condos often are located in high-rise buildings, it is a trade-off with which people thinking of living in a condo must be comfortable. But there are ways for condo-dwellers to bring the outside in.

The right sounds

Given that most condos are located in urban areas, opening your windows might mean letting the unpleasant noises of car engines and horns in, too. One way to cover up those noises, or just to use sound to create an outdoors feel, is to play music. Some people prefer music by artists like Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffet, as they associate these artists with warm weather. Other people prefer to play nature sounds, whether the sounds are birds chirping, water splashing against a shoreline, a wind blowing through the prairie.

Flowers and plants

While you can put a wide variety of flowers in your condo – and they will grow, so long as you water them – plants will lend an even greater outdoor feeling to the space. They also serve to purify the air. But not just any plant will do. Consider what it needs to grow. Some plants need direct sun exposure, while others need certain temperatures. Make sure the environment in your condo is such that the plants can grow.

An indoor garden

If you’ve got an interior ledge that receives sun exposure, you’ve got the perfect spot for a little interior garden. While it won’t be as extensive as a sprawling outdoor garden, you can plant herbs, which are especially easy to grow inside. If you’re a little more daring, you can try growing fruit or vegetables, too.

Ditch the shades

Take down or open up those curtains and shades that keep your condo dark. Letting the sun in not only provides a natural light source, but it also creates a more open and airy feeling. That is especially true if you can open the windows, too.

Natural elements

Simple changes in your decorations can make a difference. Rather than having little knickknacks on your shelves, put a clear glass bowl full of acorns out. Or fill a case with sticks. Or stack smooth rocks on a decorative plate and use it as your table centerpiece.

Smells of summer

People often associate smells with seasons – like cinnamon or pine with the winter. Smells associated with the summer outdoor season tend to be more in the fruit category.
Andy Asbury is a Twin Cities based REALTOR® specializing in Minneapolis condos and helping others discover the joy of urban living. To get the latest information on Minneapolis condominiums visit today!

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