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How To Get Started As A Real Estate Agent - Overview

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By : Michael Pollak    99 or more times read
Selling real estate can be a rewarding and lucrative career, if you get started on the right foot. You really need the right information to launch a successful agent business. I'll show you the overview of how to get started as a real estate agent so you'll have the right direction.

The single most important factor that will determine your success in getting started as a real estate agent is your mindset. It's not just having a great method to generate leads. Even the best methods to generate business will fail if you're not committed to making your business work, no matter what. Realize that your thoughts have the most powerful effect on your business and use this power to control your thoughts and actions each day. This way you'll find the success you've always dreamed of.

Get your real estate license. Should you use an online real estate school or a traditional classroom setting? Well, how do you learn the best? If you're very self motivated, the online school will be best suited to you and can be can be completed faster. However, if you get distracted easily or prefer having an instructor, the class room will be best. Remember, your goal is to pass the licensing test. Use the school that will be best suited to your needs.

Find a real estate company to join. Even if you're getting your broker's license, I still recommend to join a company. This way you will get the experience you need before working as a broker yourself.

Do a little research and find out which real estate offices in your area are doing well. You'll also want to find out about the training and resources they offer to agents. Some companies have great training and support while others just leave their agents hanging.

Decide if you'll work from home or at the real estate office. Most offices have a monthly desk fee to work in the office. Some offices have space devoted for temporary use each day at no charge. This decision is important as it will affect how you ultimately end up running your business.

Use a business plan. Whether you create your own or copy another, you won't truly be successful without a plan. This is where many agents fail in their business. They go from one thing to the next without true direction and ultimately don't reach the success they desire. Use a business plan. Yes, I did just say that. It's very important.

Plan your day, week, month, and year. Without planning what you'll achieve each day, you'll just be tossed from one thing to another and waste a lot of time without accomplishing your goals. Planning is not just while running your business. Plan your eduction and your personal life as well. It will help boost your confidence knowing what you're going to do each day.

Commit to training and reviewing your business regularly. Continually educate yourself on using systems, lead generation methods, lead conversion, transaction management, and following a business budget.

Getting started as a real estate agent is simpler than you think. Now you have the instructions for success. By putting your best effort into these areas you'll see your business as an agent continually grow and consistently put money in your pocket every month.

I'll be going into more detail on each of these topics in future articles. Make sure to read them all to get the help you need to succeed.
Experience has shown that using systems in your agent business will give you consistent results that can be continually improved on.

-Mike Pollak, Real Estate Agent Trainer
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