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How To Get Started As A Real Estate Agent - Step 2 Mindset

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By : Michael Pollak    99 or more times read
“Just give me some leads. If I just had some leads I could make some money!” I've heard that many times. Most agents think all you need is some leads and your business will be fine. There's a lot more to it than that. When you learn how to get started as a real estate agent you need to know that your mindset and your attitude is the most power asset you have to build a successful agent business.

I've seen too many agents fired up to start selling homes and fizzle out quickly. Their high hopes changed to despair and not believing they could make it work. What happened? The reality sunk in that running a business was hard work. You hit road blocks. Most people hit road blocks and all of a sudden their exciting can-do attitude changes. They let doubt and fear creep in and this sucks the life right out of them.

How does that happen? How can an agent start out with a good attitude toward achieving their goals and then flop right into despair and discouragement? Do you really want to know? If I tell you, will you believe me? It's so simple and yet so powerful. They lose control of their thoughts. We all get mad when we have a problem. That's a normal response. The bigger problem is when we don't shake off the negative feelings we have. We let those feelings of disappointment turn into blaming our self and that turns into harboring negative feelings about what you can accomplish. You start to doubt your ability to get leads and close deals. That doubt makes you afraid to start because you are afraid to fail.

I told you it was a simple answer. It's far too often overlooked. Struggling agents look toward a new lead generation method or some monthly service they pay for in order to boost their business. They don't stop and take a look at themselves to see what they've been thinking.

Whether you like to admit it or not, your thoughts always precede your actions. That's just the way we're made. When you hit a problem in your business, you automatically think to yourself, “I can't do this. I don't know how to get more business. This is too hard.” All these types of thoughts run through our heads all day long. What do you think the outcome is? You guessed it. Of course you fail. All your thoughts are about how you can't do it.

You really have to seriously consider this. It's a problem with just about everyone. I struggled for years with negative thoughts. When I finally learned how to change my thoughts, I changed how I worked and that improved my business. You see, the thing that holds most people back is not that they don't know enough or aren't good enough. It's that they think they aren't good enough and that prevents them from becoming who they really can become.

Success is yours for the taking. Does it come with a price? You bet. Hard work is that price. But if you never think you can achieve success, you'll never get there.

How do you gain control of your thoughts and permanently evict negative thoughts from your mind? Practice. No, seriously. Practice is all it takes. Does that mean it's easy? No. Trying to change a habit you've had for years is hard work. But, it can be done. Here's your challenge. Throughout the day repeat to yourself (in your mind) phrases that describe you as having the success you've always dreamed of. This could be something like, “I'm an effective Realtor!” “I am patient!” “I'm having a great day!”

If you conscientiously make the effort to have positive thoughts that build you up, you'll have the power to get over any trial. No matter how massive and insurmountable it may seem. But, you've got to practice saying these thoughts in your mind all day, every day. Until what those thoughts depict is who you are. Then, you'll no longer be practicing when you have positive thoughts. It will be your new habit of success. This is true power that will build your business however you want it to be.

This isn't just fun to imagine, “Oh yea, that would be nice if it really worked like that.” Oh, but it does. You have to practice this until you own it deep down inside you. So, get out there and get to work. I dare you to be successful by keeping your thoughts positive. I know you can do it!
Now you can see what effective, insightful training can do for you and your business.

- Mike Pollak, Real Estate Agent Trainer
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