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The Best Times to Downsize Your Home

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
Although downsizing a home isn't for everyone, sometimes it's a wise option. It can save you space, time and most importantly—money. There are several situations when downsizing can be a wise choice.

While being between jobs is part of life, the duration between them can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, we still have bills while we're searching for a new gig. That includes mortgage payments and utility bills. Although there's no crystal ball to be 100% certain, be realistic about how soon you'll likely find a new job. If that will likely happen later rather than sooner, then you should probably consider searching for a smaller house.

Parents should also prepare for the day that their children are ready to start working towards their own home-ownership. That situation will likely happen a few decades before you consider retiring and downsizing your home. So you'll need to determine if you should downsize when your children have moved out of your home permanently. One option is to use the newly vacant rooms for functions such as storage rooms, guest rooms, exercise rooms, and so on. If you're still concerned about the added cost of maintaining a bigger house, then you should probably consider downsizing as an option.

Next, you simply might not feel comfortable in a bigger house. Sometimes living in a certain house can give us a sixth sense that makes us uneasy. You simply might feel uncomfortable living in a large home. If that's true, then you should probably consider downsizing.

A somewhat obvious yet noteworthy issue is that larger homes are more difficult to maintain than smaller ones are. You simply not have the effort, time, or money to maintain your current home properly. If it's a problem, then you should certainly consider downsizing to a smaller home. Spending less time maintaining your home will not only be cheaper and easier, but it will free up time for you to do the most important stuff in life--such as pastimes. Even if you absolutely, positively adore your home, maintaining it could cause unwanted headaches.

Retirement is certainly one of the most frequent reasons for downsizing from a larger home. Even though more seniors are working today than in the past, the cost of living and other factors are making it difficult for them to pay their bills. After working for about four decades, you've earned the right to enjoy your retirement. One way to ensure that you do is by moving to a smaller home.

Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining your home can be quite expensive. Obviously, your mortgage is the most significant cost that you'll need to deal with. You should also consider the cost of the utilities. Do the math to learn how much money you could save by owning a smaller home. You might determine that it would be more practical to reduce the costs of living in your current home. That could include using fewer utilities, making the house more energy-efficient, and so on. Sometimes prevention is indeed better than a cure.

The above scenarios are certainly ones that would justify downsizing to a smaller home.
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