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Implementing a New Ordinance for Burnsville Foreclosures

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By : Cassiano Travareli    99 or more times read
The growing number of foreclosure homes has alarmed city officials in Burnsville to move and identify the properties. This is to make sure that foreclosure properties are maintained properly if the city is to be forced to take responsibility for the vacant homes.

The City Council is to consider an adoption of an ordinance that would require registration of foreclosures in the city so that they could be maintained while they are vacant. These foreclosure properties will be inspected prior to its re-occupancy as well.

The community development director of Burnsville stated that the city has to make sure that the neighborhood is maintained including the homes that people may want to live in. The said proposals are in line with the state’s program for Minnesota foreclosures.

In the city of Burnsville, foreclosures reached 258 sheriffs sales all through the end of October this year. Burnsville also reported that there were about 220 foreclosures out of the 15,000 city homes this year.

Burnsville is yet another reflection of the housing crisis that the nation finds itself in. Not all homes would really end in sheriffs sales, 382 homes in the city ended in default by the owners and legal notices were filed by lenders.

The Burnsville local government said that they are not immediately notified of foreclosures and vacated properties. Mayor Elizabeth Kautz called on residents to keep an eye on the neighborhood and inform staff members of the city if a property had been vacated or abandoned.

According to Mayor Kautz, this is a strategy to maintain the quality of neighborhoods and to enforce public safety as well. She stated that unmaintained houses, with overgrown lawns and flower boxes can attract thieves. Thieves may break in the repossessed homes and steal objects, flood homes, cause explosions or trash the property.

Banks who own the repossessed homes will be required to pay a minimal fee and register the property to the city. The local government will keep a database of the foreclosures. Record keeping would also in identifying the growth of Minnesota foreclosures.

Utilities will be shut off, unless the owner will pay the bills and the property will be inspected by the city before occupancy to make sure it is safe. This is to identify certain deviancies such as rotting doors and windows or overgrown lawns.

This course of action is to send a message that the city is concerned with its neighborhood. Furthermore, Mayor Kautz will support programs that will avoid this problem and help owners prevent foreclosures.
Cassiano Travareli has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosures market over 5 years.

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