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Ten Things to Know About Condos

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
Thinking of buying a condo? Or maybe you do not know much about them, but have some preconceived notions about what they are and what they are not? Before you make any decisions, here are 10 things you should know about condos.

  1. You probably can find one that fits in your budget. Just like single-family homes, condos are available in a dizzying array of sizes and styles. If you want to spend less than $100,000, you can. If your budget is unlimited, a million-dollar condo on the top floor of a high-rise may be more up your alley.

  2. Condos can be both family-friendly and kid-friendly. You can find condos with multiple bedrooms, and the buildings they are in do not necessarily have to be on busy urban streets.

  3. You may not have a yard with a garden, or even a balcony, but that does not mean you cannot grow flowers, plants and vegetables. There are a variety of options for growing things indoors. You probably will need light, but condos do have windows.

  4. You may have the best view in the city. Many condos are in high-rise buildings, so a look out your window, especially over the city at night, may rival anything that your suburban and rural counterparts have.

  5. You may not need a car. Many condos are located near public transportation like buses and light-rail systems, but you may be able to bike or walk just about anywhere you want to go.

  6. Condo buildings can be a microcosm for an entire city. While some condos are specifically for senior citizens, for example, many more are open to anyone. So you may live next to a young professional who lives next door to a doctor who lives next door to a retired teacher.

  7. You are not responsible for many of the maintenance tasks that your single-family homeowner friends are. You can watch someone else mow the lawn, rake the leaves and shovel the snow. After all, you pay for it.

  8. If you choose your location right, you have a good chance of renting out your condo when you decide it is time to move on. Buildings in urban areas near major businesses, or near colleges, make especially attractive rental options.

  9. Always wanted a swimming pool? Hot tub? Fitness room? Basketball or tennis courts? More than likely, your condo building provides these amenities and more.

  10. Like any other home, not all condos are designed the same. Even in the same building, there probably are a variety of layout options. And if you get in on the ground floor of new construction, you can have lots of input into what your condo looks like.
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