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Type of Moving Boxes Used for Shipping

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By : John Gibbons    99 or more times read
Whether you want to ship a small gift item or the whole of your possessions on the other side of the globe, you will be needing good quality boxes for packing your stuff. Accidents are unavoidable. Only strong boxes with appropriate sizes can ensure safe shipping of your valuable possessions. Different household things need to be packed in different boxes, as they differ in shape, size and weight. Specialty boxes are also available for things which need special packing.

Getting familiar with the various types of these moving boxes help you ship your items without damage. These are the most commonly used material that one is likely to need on the day when relocation is to be conducted. Here are a few type of moving boxes that can ensure a safe shipping.

Wardrobe moving boxes

These kind of boxes are specially designed to move the clothes which need to be moved hanging like suits and shirtings. These are tall and are perfect to pack lightweight and bulky items like cushions and pillows. You can also pack things like shoes, sweaters, jackets and other clothes in a wardrobe box. These boxes help in saving a good amount of moving costs, as innumerable items can be packed in such a big box.

Large moving boxes

These boxes can fit a lot of items but are still not too bulky to lift. Large boxes can be used to pack heavy items as well as electronic appliances like stereo equipment, speakers, lampshades etc. These can also be used to ship assembled furniture pieces and clothes.

Picture boxes

These boxes are used to transport your creative paintings and works of art, which need special care while transit. These are made of cardboard and are large, flat, and adjustable. These ensure complete safety of your fragile paintings and creative artwork.

Kitchen boxes

Cellular boxes are available for packing glassware and china, to ensure their safe transit. Kitchen appliances must be packed in their original cartons. You can also contact some shop owners to lend you some kitchen boxes which are specifically designed to ship these items.

File boxes

While shipping to Australia, you would need to store your documents and files, as one can not do without them. These vital documents need special handling. So file boxes are specially designed to transport documents.

Labeling is the next important task after packing, as the one who is shipping gets to know about its contents. Mark the box 'FRAGILE', if it contains breakable items. Packaging boxes should always fit your precise needs, which as a result would lead to shipping your goods safe and sound.
John Gibbons is an experienced professional for the Shipping, Removals, Relocations and Logistics industries, in both domestic and international markets. He and his team achieves this thanks to daily innovation and a high commitment to exceed the expectations of their clients. He and his team are able to negotiate high volume discounts for all his esteemed clients for shipping from UK to Australia.

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