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Strike Three...Who's out?

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By : Patricia Eisenhauer    99 or more times read
First we were apprised of a government bail out of the big insurance companies. You know, the ones who have the CEO's visiting expensive spas and traveling on their own jets to vacation spots. The ones who gambled our money and lost. Next in line for welfare were the large banks. Those very banks who allowed money to be lent to people with poor credit and no cash so that they could buy homes which they couldn't afford. These institutions were handed billions in order to throw families into the street and foreclose upon these same homes.

The government will give money to the automobile industry which will be spent trying to catch up with the foreign auto industries AND pay huge salaries and benefits to the people who created the situation. When I hear about a CEO who is willing to work for no salary, I am reminded of their perks and benefits which they will continue to keep. They have also volunteered to sell their corporate jets. This not a great market to decide to sell an airplane. Do you think?

I would like also to discuss the state of the automobile industry. I am speaking strictly from the outside as a consumer. I have experienced the decline of quality in automobiles for many years. It amazes me that the CEOs and our government are concerned about not being able to sell and auto because of the lack of a warranty. GOD FORBID that the autos are better made so that they require less repairing. HEAVEN HELP an owner if he/she actually has to pay a mechanic to repair their machine. Even youngsters, as they become old enough to drive, might be taught how to keep the auto in good running condition. There might even be a return of pride in the ownership of a vehicle that has high mileage and isn't "the latest model".
This isn't brain surgery; it's common sense.

Daily I've heard newcasters running off at the mouth about our government, about one particular Congressman or Representative. How can they be surprised by the graft and political favors? I have been watching a Congressional leader sit on his committee and make grand statements about laws being broken or abused. This same Senator from Connecticut has himself been found guilty of accepting low interest rates from a mortgage company that has issued millions of sub prime loans. This mortgage company, by the way, is still advertising "NO MONEY DOWN" mortgages!
It is time to clean up our act! It is time to remember the words of our Declaration of Independence: "WHENEVER ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT BECOMES DESTRUCTIVE OF THESE ENDS, IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ALTER IT".
We the people need to rise up and speak and save our country from this unending spiral downward.
Author/Realtor Pat Eisenhauer has spent thirty years active in Real Estate in Florida. Her recent book "Realtors Are Real People" covers the professional problems that have been allowed to fester in our country. She is concerned not in pointing blame but in repairing the system.

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