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Top 3 reasons to live in Mexico

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By : Tom Budniak    99 or more times read
Buying a condo in Mexico and moving there forever is a dream of many Americans and Canadians. Mexico conjures up an image of a Caribbean paradise with abundance of sun, sand and luxurious lifestyle. But many people put off buying their retirement home for later years. Ideally, you should buy a luxury home for yourself now when all the conditions are in your favor.

Mexico real estate is at a juncture which makes it very lucrative for people who understand how investments work. No doubt, these savvy investors are investing and taking advantage of this scenario.

Mexico is acknowledged as one of the leading retirement destinations in the world. In fact, Mexico was rated #1 on International Living’s Global Retirement Index for the years 2007-2008.

This indicates that Mexico competes with the best when it comes to retirement and comes out as the winner. In fact it’s better than USA! Mexico is just south of the border of USA. It’s very accessible and has friendly relations with its big neighbor. It is very well connected through road and air. Infrastructure is improving all the time and keeps pace with developed countries. The medical care system is state of the art and affordable when compared to USA.

For the benefit of common investors, today we will explain why Mexico and more specifically, Puerto Vallarta real estate region and Playa del Carmen condos are such good option.

  1. Affordability: The main reason why retirees come to Mexico is its affordability. The first reason to come to Mexico is affordability. One can buy luxurious beachfront condos at very low prices compared to USA.

    Actually, Mexico offers a wide array of property options to suit everyone’s budget.

    Cost of living in Mexico is quite low. One can lead a good lifestyle in Mexico at a fraction of cost of living in USA. Moreover, you will be able to afford a lot more luxuries in Mexico.

    The medical care in Mexico is world class and quite economical. This is a very important reason as far as retirees are concerned who just have savings and no other sources of income.

  2. Buyer’s Market: During recession, demand dried up and prices plummeted. Though, economy is improving, general public sentiment is low. With people shying away from investing, the property prices are at historic low. A good investor believes in the saying, “Buy low, Sell high”. Right now, market calls for investing. Prime real estate in the most exotic settings are being offered at such bargain prices. The markets will improve sooner than later and then the prices will move north. Would you rather be buying a home now when prices are low or an expensive home later?

  3. Safety: Life in Mexico is as secure as anywhere in world. In fact, main Mexico cities are much safer than cities in USA. Though, mass media may want you to believe that violence is rampant in Mexico, the fact is that they are lying or are unaware of facts. The areas sharing borders with USA do have drug related problems but apart from that rest of Mexico and especially tourist areas are safe, secure and comfortable.

    Mexicans are very friendly and warm people who welcome outsiders with open arms. Mexican culture is ancient and rich, which pervades the atmosphere of this great country.

So if you are thinking about buying a retirement or a vacation home in Mexico, then you better call up a Mexico real estate agent and find your dream home.
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