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I Don't Want to Pay a Realtor But I Can't Sell My House!

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By : Karim El Sheikh    99 or more times read
Let’s face it: This is not a seller’s market.
Whether you are trying to sell your house because you have fallen on hard times and have to get out from under a mortgage payment you can no longer afford, or because you are simply in the market for a new home, attempting to sell a house in the current market will test even the most experienced Realtor®.

It may be because of other financial burdens, or because your personality is one that doesn’t like to pay others for things you can do yourself, but you have decided that you will sell your home without the assistance of a Realtor®. You have no doubt been approached by Realtors® who drive around neighborhoods looking for FSBO (For Sale by Owner) signs, hoping that their expertise will be welcomed and a commission can be made, but you have politely refused all offers.

Going it Alone Can Prove Beneficial

Although your disinterest in paying a Realtor® for his or her services has the potential to make things slightly more difficult... it can also serve in allowing you to get a little creative with your home-selling quest. After all, your goal is to sell your home, and if you’re lucky, actually make at least a small profit. Sharing whatever profit you are able to make with a Realtor® is understandably unpleasant.

When the Lender is the Problem

You may have had interest in your home that failed to generate a sale. Because of the current state of our economy, many interested potential buyers may have to abandon a sale because they are unable to attain their lenders’ approval. Many lenders have tightened their lending requirements to a point that makes it nearly impossible for someone with even moderately damaged credit to qualify for a home loan.

A Unique Approach

If your experience has been that people like your home and want to purchase it, but have been unable to obtain the proper financing, you should consider a rent-to-own option. Many sellers who have opened their field of prospective buyers by offering this choice have found very rapid success. Remember that just because someone can’t qualify for a loan, doesn’t mean they can’t be a good homeowner.

Many people have fallen on hard times these last several years. Sometimes, the loss of a job through downsizing, or medical problems beyond their control, has put those who have always been fiscally responsible in the same position as those who have purposely through neglect and bad financial planning brought about their own financial demise. If you are willing to do a little bit of leg work in screening applicants, you may find the perfect buyer.

Getting Started

If this sounds like an option that may work for your situation, a simple internet search can yield a plethora of information and advice on turning your FSBO into a For Rent by Owner. The prospect of going from homeowner to landlord can be a bit daunting, so take a little time to do the necessary research, and contact the people who can help. Offering a creative purchase option can be what sets your property apart from all the others!
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