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Lake Worth Home Buyers, Know The Difference

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By : Angela Dixon    99 or more times read
Do not be confused when thinking about buying a house in Lake Worth. There is the City of Lake Worth, that starts at the Intra Coastal Waterway in Palm Beach County Florida, then there is a very large area to the West, while still having a the name Lake Worth, is not within the City limits and sometimes referred to as West Lake Worth.

What does this mean to someone considering buying a home in Lake Worth? The city of Lake Worth has it’s own local government. There are elected City Officials such as a Mayor, a City Council, and other officials governing the City of Lake Worth. Lake Worth has their own Police Department, City Hall, and Lake Worth even has their own electric company and water treatment plant.

Once you go West, outside of the City limits, to “Western Lake Worth”, the Government is that of Palm Beach County. Once out of the City Of Lake Worth, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department has jurisdiction, the Water Company becomes Palm Beach County Water District, and what many people find important is the power company in the Western area of Lake Worth is Florida Power and Light.

Now the difference in the City of Lake Worth, and the portion of Lake Worth that is not within the City limits becomes important to some people because in the City of Lake Worth the power company has earned a reputation of being rundown, unreliable, and the rates for electricity in the City of Lake Worth have become known to be considerably higher than that of Florida Power and Light used in Western Lake Worth. A similar situation exists with the water companies in Lake Worth and Western Lake Worth.

However, some people do choose to live in the City of Lake Worth despite these things and don’t mind the typically older homes and smaller lots. One of the reasons may be people choose the City of Lake Worth is the downtown is very quaint with the main street lined with many shops and restaurants as well as the close proximity to the ocean as well as the beautiful beach right in the City of Lake Worth.

Out in Western Lake Worth, it is desirable to many that choose newer homes, planned communities, larger lots, and a larger diverse of shopping from the many strip centers and huge malls. Many also choose the Western Lake Worth area for the newer and higher rated schools.

Which ever you choose, the City of Lake Worth or the Western Lake Worth area, make sure you have a Realtor that knows the facts and can assist you in making the correct decision for you.
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