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By : Mar Katz    99 or more times read
For most of us, our family home is the biggest asset we own. It serves us as a shelter, an investment, a source of pride, and a center of family life. Making sure that we have the right homeowners insurance coverage, and make the most of our insurance dollars, should be a top priority for all home owners.

Are you making the most of your premium dollars? I would never tell anybody to sacrifice good coverage to save a few dollars. That will probably end up costing you money in the long run. However, the insurance market is very competitive today. There is no reason for you to pay too much either.

How can you uncover some hidden home insurance deals and discounts? By "hidden", I do not mean that there is a conspiracy to hide these from you. I just mean that you have not taken the time to uncover them!

Experts tell us to shop around for insurance every twelve months or so. This may seem very often, and many homeowners have had their old policy and insurance company for decades. However, you can benefit by regular policy shopping in two important ways.

First, things change in your own life, and these can affect your premiums and coverage needs. Some of these things, like moving or adding a new room, may be obvious. However, some of these things, like fixing your roof or adding a security system, may not be as obvious to non-professionals. Yet home repairs and security systems may earn you a generous discount with some of the top insurers. You may be missing a chance to save money.

Second, all homeowners insurance companies operate in a very competitive market. If you spend any time watching television or browsing the web, you have probably seen a number of competitive insurance ads. Each of these ads promotes a company. How can you figure out which is the best one for you?

Things change in that business market as well. Your old insurance company may not be in a position to offer you the most competitive deal today. On the other hand, they may be willing to offer you a better deal, but since you have not contacted them for awhile, they may not even know about a change that you have made that could get you a lower premium. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to find out about these things.

By shopping around, you may find better deals and discounts from another top insurer. The process may just tip you off to a discount you were already entitled to, but never let your old insurer know about!

Maybe it is time for you to dig your old policy out of storage, call your agent, or even shop around for a better deal!
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