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Helpful Tips When You Are Selling Your Home

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By : Jamie Sarner    99 or more times read
Selling your house is a very time consuming task; however, knowing what to focus on during your preparation can save you time and effort. The key to an advantageous sale is preparation. Below are some helpful tips on preparing your home, so that you hopefully get a quick sale and a good price.

Stand in front of your house and look at it; this is the first glimpse of your house a visitor is going to see. Try and be open minded, don't look at it with good memories, look objectively as a buyer will. If you can't be objective then ask a friend or colleague to give you an impartial opinion.

First impressions are important to make sure you play this to your advantage. If you have a lawn at the front of the home, make sure it is cut down, the edges are trimmed and it looks good. Place potted flowers near the doors to make a feature of them, any weeds need to be disposed of, rubbish picked up, children's toys put away and any mess from animals cleaned up. Furthermore, do not forget to look at all the walkways, walls, and patios for cracks and crumbling. Use this as a chance to fix or replace those faults, not only on the exterior but the interior as well; don't forget the roof and drains. Just by repainting the door, cleaning the windows and washing down the exterior can improve the look of your house.

Make the rooms of your house look more spacious and brighter by taking out clutter and making sure the rooms are clean. Family photos and other personal items need to be stored before the buyer arrives, as they can be quite distracting. One more important task is to rearrange closets and kitchen cabinets. Be sure that all your light bulbs are bright enough so that the home does not seem too dim.

Let the viewer enter a room first, introduce them to the room but avoid telling them what the room may be used for; let them make up their own mind. It is extremely important to make sure the whole property is clean and tidy; this also means you have to spend time cleaning items such as the cooker and refrigerator. Switch off appliances, particularly if they make a noise when they are running; there is nothing more disturbing than a constant buzzing sound when you are trying to imagine living in a new home. A few fresh flowers in a nice vase or some potpourri is a great way to light up a room and make it smell fresh as well. Rather than have items left on kitchen tops, put them away in a cupboard, especially those that are not used often. You want to show the buyer how pretty and big the kitchen is so they can imagine themselves cooking in there.

Don't forget about the windows, not only do you want to make sure they are not dirty, but you also have to make sure they are in good working condition with no damage in the glass. You should pay special attention to the bathroom; make sure that it is not dirty, replace the toilet seat and shower curtain, and put out fresh towels every day. It may also be a good idea to give your home a new coat of paint in a neutral colour. And don't forget the basic truth - not only luxury homes can have luxurious appearance.
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