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Major Indicators - Bright Future of Puerto Penasco

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By : Steve Schwab    99 or more times read
Our Little community of rocky point has experienced an incredible ride. It has become known internationally as a tourist destination that will continue to develop into the future. The majority of the impressive growth has been led by the sales of condos, single family homes, and even raw land. There are several strong indicators that the positive growth cycle will continue, placing us on even more radar screens. Simply ponder the amount of time and money put into studying growth trends; market futures; and touristic patterns, by any major hotel group when looking to invest millions in a new destination market.

Now think about these researchers representing the Marriott hotel group. The Marriott Penasco Bay is a 28 story 265 room four diamond resort. This is such a huge statement as they obviously didn't choose Puerto Penasco overnight, or without knowing something. The feasibility analysis done by an empire like Marriott looks into so many aspects of the demands of seasoned first class travelers, that if Penasco was not positioned for stardom we would not see their logo on our horizon.

Another impressive indicator of international success is the selection of Rocky Point as a major home port for several large cruise ship companies. Representatives from cruise lines like Holland America, Princess and Carnival have all been here, and Mexico's federal government has approved Rocky Point as a major hub in a joint effort as the result of many discussions among the experts. We have been receiving a lot of attention from the leaders of Mexico and many of Mexico's most prominent investors. Obviously now, investors from all over the world have been watching Puerto Peņasco, Mexico.

Studies indicate that the future looks bright here because Rocky Point sits less than four hours from several major U.S. metropolitan areas with proven retirement markets. Take the similar climate to those already respected, retirement magnates add our beautiful beaches and lower cost of living and one starts to see where the excitement is coming from. The huge number of soon to be retirees speak volumes in terms of future demand. This group of over 25,000 people a year is an astounding number looking to retire. Between now and 2025, there will be a baby boomer retiring every 16 seconds. While 2030 will be the peak year of boomer retirement, the first year of baby boomers (born in 1946) turn 62 this year; many of which are now retiring and taking advantage of a record level of leisure income.

Many of these people will look to the beaches of Mexico to spend their golden years. The draw of rocky Point is that it is one of the few superb beachfront markets that will support both drive-in traffic and air travelers. There are many dynamics of this that will lead to a surge in retirees. To many, the close proximity to large U.S. cities, where they can go to monthly appointments or various hometown cultural events is important. The airlines will allow other family and friends ease of access. Many have already discovered that while the healthcare system in U.S. continues to struggle, Mexico's healthcare is rapidly accelerating into one worth the trip south. One can expect the advances in Mexico's healthcare to continually draw visitors south more and more. With insurance providers now servicing so many from the north, more large companies will enter the market, and the cycle here will continue to expand as the international audience grows.

About ten years ago there were no condo projects with more than 100 units. In 2000 there was only one project of any large scale. This all changed, and now Sandy Beach alone has about 3,000 condos sold, and over 30 condo towers have been completed. The feeding frenzy was wild and we enjoyed a great cycle as the town morphed itself into a resort destination. Then, because the economic situation affecting so many investors, we shifted into a buyer's market. It would be irresponsible to say that the correction period has fully completed its course as no one has found that crystal ball yet. It would however be safe to say with confidence that there are some great bargains to be found in the Rocky Point area. Plain and simple, there are people that need out. Much like the buyer's market sought after by successful investors in so many U.S. communities, we are ripe for the next phase of our cycle.

There are properties in every market segment that are priced many thousands of dollars below the "List Prices". You just have to know how to find those bargains. It truly does come down to representation. Who is representing you? In Mexico, like in the United States, there is a National Association of Realtors. In the last few years we have come along way in regards to communication, ethical practices and working on the development of an MLS system. It is because of this and our mandate that all of our members are licensed, that we have been welcomed into NAR, the same international organization you would likely seek for representation in the U.S. In order to truly guarantee satisfactory representation you need to secure the representation of an AMPI professional. AMPI agents are NAR Realtors, registered at the state level, and are the only real estate association endorsed by the federal government.

Historically, Rocky Point Real Estate is one of the safest investments you can make as it is scarce by nature. No more land will be created. Even more scarce is land found near the beach. This is way in the long term, Rocky Point is destined to be an international real estate success story, and the big money is already starting to see the opportunity.

There are new improved mortgage money programs with reasonable rates allowing people to take advantage of the current opportunities. Some people are turning self directed IRAs into real estate investments in and around Rocky Point. Others have chosen to split ownership on properties with friends, family members or other investment groups. There are even reverse mortgages out there allowing homeowners to simply turn equity from one home into equity in another. If one truly wants an investment that they can enjoy Puerto Peņasco is certainly a worthy alternative to the less than predictable stock market.

Within a year, an international airport will be open in Rocky Point and a new costal highway will extend south and east from Tijuana , through Rocky Point, to beyond Guaymas. These geographic factors alone will bring many thousands of new visitors to this area, and a profound positive influence on the economy. Rocky Point is a great place for anyone interested in owning a second home or a secure investment that allows one to stay at and enjoying their portfolio.
Rocky Point is known by the locals as Puerto Penasco and is a beautiful Mexico resort with comfortable beachfront homes, new condos and modern Mexico hotels. Contact Mexico Realty Executives for Mexico Real Estate or for setting up your own Realty Executives Mexico Franchise.

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