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Do the Majority of the Wealthy Own Land in Their Portfolio?

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By : Gregory Akerman    99 or more times read
It goes without saying that most of the wealthy and mighty have land in their portfolio, since it is a long-term investment option carrying low-risk and is highly lucrative. Any investor tries to diversify his investing portfolio, as it is the first golden rule of the business. Even the mightiest will acknowledge that to gain maximum result and reduce the chances of high-risk investment, diversification of portfolio is a must.

Apart from other forms of saving like investing in stocks, bonds etc., investing in land has become an attractive option over the years. Even the wealthiest have been quite keen to add land in their portfolio.

What attracts the affluent towards land as an investment option is the fact that you will not lose land in compared to losing money in stocks. Investors are also saved from the hazards. Unlike savings plans and other investments, land doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. The right land property can give you a great return on investment. So, the wealthy and mighty are attracted to add land in their portfolio.

One of the greatest assets of land investment is that it is not a short-term option. This is a perfect foil for the wealthy people. They are not in a hurry, don't lack the financial might and are always looking for long-term investment options. Land investment yields profitable rewards in the long run.

The above factors have always made the people go on a land buying spree. Adding land to their portfolio has always been a very attractive business proposition for them as it is highly lucrative and still risk-free. They do not regret adding land investment as a major portion of their portfolio.

So, it is easy to understand that cash-rich millionaires have put behind all other classes in buying land and adding them to their portfolio. Even those who have not taken direct interest in the investment have done it indirectly or in any other form.

The wealthy add land to their portfolio for another reason. Land investment is considered a low-risk option unlike real estate which is prone to terrorist attacks.

After the horrendous attack on twin towers of World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, investment in real estate has become somewhat vulnerable. This has also led to the diversion of cash flow towards land investment. Unlike real estate and the stock market, which are vulnerable to various internal and external factors, land is a pretty safe bet. The wariness of big investors towards stocks, bonds and various other investment options has been a major factor for the high and mighty to turn to land investment.

The bonds and other saving instruments of the government are pretty safe but they don't yield the kind of returns one wants. So, wealthy businessmen are always looking toward land investment as a highly long-term, safe and lucrative investment option and are investing a great deal in this highly attractive instrument.
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