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Taking the First Steps to Real Estate Investing

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By : Mandy Blevins    99 or more times read
Taking the first step in buying your first investment property can be both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. If not adequately prepared an investor might start having buyerís remorse soon after. In order to help prevent this and make the investment journey a lucrative and rewarding one, here are some tips that you might want to consider:

  1. Narrow your focus: Whether you want to buy commercial or residential properties is up to you. However, as a beginning investor, pick one. Choose the kind of structure you can manage and can become educated about in a relatively short amount of time. If you have never managed a 25-unit apartment complex, then donít try the first time out. Find a smaller structure, two to four (2-4) unit structures. An advantage of this is receiving a larger profit for possibly the same price as a single family home property. If residential is what you like, then great. There is a large market for single-family rental properties at this time as people want to move away from apartments but for one reason or another donít want the responsibility of owning a home themselves.

  2. Join an investors group in your area: Investorís group are sometimes difficult to find and other times as easy as a search through your web browser. An investors group will consist of other business owners, stock guruís, bankers, real estate investors, etc. who are coming together not as just an opportunity to learn new information, but also to find the best tips, deals, and to network with others. Many deals are negotiated in these groups before information hits the public eye and ears, such as houses coming up for sale, word of mouth foreclosures, tax properties, etc. You might even find your plumbers, electricians, construction managers and other that can help you ensure your property is in compliance with local and state codes. If not specifically in the group, the other investors can provide referrals to contractors they use for their own properties, which might offer a discount for using their name.

  3. Find a mentor: The investorís group is a great place to find a mentor and many individuals have been in business for several years to decades. Find someone that is interested in your same interest. Take them to lunch or speak over coffee. Building a working relationship with this person is essential in starting your investing. When you do, you can be the one to know about properties the mentor just bought are in contract to buy and may be the first person to which these properties are offered. If you canít find an investors group/mentor, ask around. Ask real estate agents, brokers, even your neighbor. If the landlord of your friend owns several properties, there is a good likelihood that they will know who to ask for if they donít want to take on the challenge themselves.

This is a good start to taking your first steps in becoming real estate investors. There is an abundance of information out there that can teach you the nuts and bolts of running your business once you start. Always seek the advice of a qualified attorney in your state for any legal questions.

Real estate can be a lucrative endeavor but it does require a large learning curve if you are new to investing. Donít discount the need for education in this area through both educational material as well as learning from the experience of others.

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