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Security In Lofts and Condos

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
When people search for a loft or condo to buy, they pay attention to all the basic things that homeowners need to think about: Does the layout work? Is the kitchen large enough? How about the bathrooms? Where is it located? But there is one thing that relatively few people think about, even though they should. That is the security of the building in which they are looking. It is an important consideration, given it relates directly to the safety of them and the things they own.

Think about it: Many condos and lofts are located in high-rises or other buildings that have multiple tenants. Because of that, there often are people coming and going throughout the day. Those people may include friends and family, people servicing broken plumbing, or maintenance people mowing the grass or sweeping the hallways. When there is that many people around, it can be difficult to determine who belongs and who does not.

Here are some things to consider as it relates to loft and condo security:

Doorman: Having a doorman who controls access to the building and is working at all hours of the day is one of the best forms of security there is. But if the building in which you are looking has a doorman, you can expect to notice the extra cost in your association fee.

Cameras: Video cameras that record what happens in the garage, the hallways or the front of the building are another good security feature. That is especially true if they are in easy-to-see locations because they serve as deterrents to bad behavior.

Locks: At a minimum, the condo or loft building should have locks on the front door. Even better if there are working locks on all doors leading to and from common areas. And the front door of your loft or condo, of course, also should have a working lock.

Intercom: Most buildings have an intercom system that allows visitors to contact the residents they need to see. When they press the intercom, the tenant receives a notification and can talk to them or unlock the door (remotely, in some cases). It is best if the intercom is behind a locked door.

Recording devices: Some buildings have devices at the front door that deliver an image to the television or computer of the tenants. That way, if someone is delivering a pizza, for example, the tenant who ordered the pizza can be sure it is actually the deliveryman at the door.

Relationships: There are all sorts of devices designed to increase security in lofts and condos, but one of the best ways is to develop relationships with the other people who live in the building. That way, everyone looks out for one another.
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