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Size (and space) Matters

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By : Jamie Mathwig    99 or more times read
The size of your home plays a factor in its perceived value. Some houses are perceived to be bigger than they are, and this perception of value can significantly increase the price that you can get for your home. Remember, price is the amount that you are selling your home for, while value is the buyerís perception of your homeís worth. Your buyer will be more likely to pay your asking price, if they believe they are getting a good value for their investment. This concept is simple, but effective in increasing the chances of a sale.

The more space that your potential buyer feels they are buying chiefly determines the amount of money they are willing to pay for it. This idea doesnít necessarily relate directly to square footage. Two houses may have the exact same square footage, but one may contain several small enclosed rooms, and the other fewer rooms that are openly laid out. The home with the open rooms will make the house seem larger and more spacious. So consider this, if areas of your home seem small or compact, simply remove some items to create more space within them. It is very easy to make smaller rooms seem spacious by removing some, if not all of the furniture within it.

Keep rooms free of furniture, if at all possible. The more vacant your home is (or looks) has a direct impact on the chances of securing a sale. For one thing, your home will be much easier to show if it is free of furniture. Potential home buyers will more easily be able to envision themselves and their family in a home that doesnít already have anotherís furniture and belongings inside. Also, it may be assumed that if the home is empty or has limited furniture, then the home buyer will be able to take possession of the property sooner, even though this factor may not actually have any effect at all on the timeframe.

Removing furniture from the home is not a viable option for many of course, as they will need to maintain residence in the home until they've moved into another one. Even if it canít be done entirely, there are other ways to free up space to garner a similar effect. Simply reduce clutter within your home. Be creative in finding ways to make your home feel bigger than it actually is. These steps will increase the value of your home to a potential home buyer, and are easy to carry out.
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