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5 Reasons Why Atlanta is Fantastic for Property Investing

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By : Jason Hartman    99 or more times read
Atlanta is one of the best cities for property investing. Everyone wants the inside track, a way of somehow rising above their competitors who are trying to buy the right houses. And, because everyone is looking for good neighborhoods and appreciation value tagged to the houses they purchase, it makes perfect sense to be scouting Atlanta for your next property venture. Why Atlanta? In this article we lay out 5 reasons why this city represents one of the best areas for property investing.

1. Job Growth Potential

Atlanta has many industries, companies, and opportunities for people looking for work. This means that the communities within Atlanta won't be run down. You can bet that with all of these jobs coming out, there will be no shortage of employment availability. Now is the best time ever to move to Atlanta, considering all of these jobs won't be filled without the proper, qualified applicants. There is nothing stopping Atlanta from expanding their jobs and employment opportunities on a grander scale than most other cities.

2. An Abundance Of Corporations

Corporations are many in the city of Atlanta. Many businesses choose to have their headquarters here and have done fantastically well. With more and more people looking to move to Atlanta in the immediate future, you can expect the headquarters of many more companies to be located here in the coming years. Most statistics are based through the years leading up to 2025. Up to this point, we expect Atlanta to be exploding with companies and opportunity on a scale that we have never seen before.

3. Large Number Of Foreclosures

Just because Atlanta is a wonderful city, doesn't mean that its citizens experience any less of financial hardship when things go wrong. Thusly, we have a multitude of foreclosure properties for you to take a look at. The housing crisis affected every single city in the United States and no city was left immune to the damage. This makes it a spectacular time to at least get your foot in the door with property investing. In every crisis you will have people taking advantage of certain markets, in this case we are focusing on our property markets.

4. Foreclosure Properties For Pennies On The Dollar

With so many properties in foreclosure in Atlanta and across the United States, as long as you can prove to the banks or the seller that you are financially apt enough to handle it, financing on a foreclosure home can be had for pennies on the dollar. Pennies on the dollar! You heard right! The only thing getting in between you and your financial dreams is getting good at investing.

5. Atlanta Is the Fastest Growing City In The United States

You heard right. Atlanta is indeed the #1 city in terms of growth. The population is expected to grow by an amazing 43% by the time 2025 rolls around. It's only 10 years away and property investors know it. We thought we would give you the heads up and get you at least interested in purchasing property from this amazing location. Want transportation options, Atlanta is full of them. Want multi-million dollar corporations to work for, Atlanta has you covered. Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, UPS, and a multitude of other Fortune 500 companies are backing this city.

Put Your Faith In Atlanta

Other cities just don't stack up. There are over 30 different places to get your schooling in this city. The demographics are good, the business climate is second to none, and there is a fantastic income level. The average median income is $51,482. The median income for families is $55,939. This makes for a very wealthy community of people; a good thing for investors. Only 22.7% of individuals and 21.3% of families live below the poverty line, making for communities with a nearly 80% success rate! Atlanta is a city that focuses on quality of life and you can see that by the businesses this city procures.

In Atlanta, there will be 1.8 million new jobs by 2025. The explosive job market is bringing people into this city by the thousands. They need homes, they need jobs, and they need transportation options. Atlanta has all of this. And, as an added bonus, Atlanta is the #4 option for people looking for the cheapest cost of living in the United States.
Jason Hartman is ready to guide you down the path of wisely purchasingAtlanta investment property with his team of local market experts. Hartman is a multi-millionaire who ownsincome properties in 11 states currently.

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