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Real Estate Brokers as Heralds of Wisdom and Comfort Providers

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
The deterioration of the commercial real estate market has caused a lot of burden and anxiety for both property owners and tenants. As reported by Colliers ABR, rents had dropped 5.6 percent in Manhattan in October from its highest in May. The Class A vacancy rate had increased 8 percent and experts are expecting it to reach double-digit figures for the next year. This translates to a whopping 113 percent increase in vacant spaces in Manhattan from the same period last year.

This caused severe depression for proprietors who are also burdened with too much debt. This same dilemma is also heavily felt by tenants of commercial establishments, whose businesses are also feeling the effects of the economy. These depressed individuals turn to their real estate brokers for comfort and to gain some wisdom regarding their predicament. These hardened individuals are doing this activity for their clients in what home brokers call handholding.

Brokerage and real estate offices where these commercial real estate brokers are based are flooded by calls from despondent clients seeking someone to talk with. Because of this, the best real estate brokers have developed various counseling techniques in their new role as real estate shrinks.

The You-are-Not-Alone Technique

Just like a peer-counseling group, real estate brokers let their distressed clients relate with other beleaguered customers who are all facing the same problems and stresses. The most important ingredient here is to let their clients know that they are not alone.

The Face-the-reality Technique

Brokers who use this technique are not always trying to keep their customers happy with sweet talk. They would rather teach their clients to face reality and wake up from their distress.

The Complete Honesty Technique

Similar to face-the-reality technique, this method allows customers to hear what their brokers really think about their situation in a no-holds-barred discussion devoid of flowery words that are just ways to avoid reality.

The Economic Cycle Technique

This technique involves brokers to tell their clients that what they are going through is just part of a cycle, and will be better as the wheels turn.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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