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Buy an Apartment and Improve Your Financial Future!

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By : Marci McFarland    99 or more times read
Instead of renting, you should consider buying your next apartment. Renting is certainly easier to enter into tenancy and to leave, but think about the financial advantages that owning your own apartment can give you. You can build equity, save money, and have a place that can serve as your home for as long as you need it – or be a source of rental income. Owning instead of renting can mean that you have a lot more financial freedom in the long run.

You will probably be paying a few hundred dollars at least to rent an apartment in most places. In large cities or places where space is at a premium, you could be paying thousands. If you can channel this money into your own property, you will be saving more than if you just funneled it into rent money. In hot markets, your apartment could appreciate to the point where you will make a very tidy profit should you sell.

Apartments are money savers as well. You will likely be paying less than for a single-family home. You also are more likely to be able to buy in a desirable area, which often means less commuting time and money spent. Many apartments’ heat and hot water are covered by the monthly dues.

Your maintenance fees will be low, as you will be paying into the building’s maintenance and repair fund. If the building is in good repair and dues are reasonable, you can look forward to many years of comfortable living without worrying about whether the roof needs replacing or where the money is going to come from for repainting the building.

For people on the go, a low-maintenance home is ideal. Apartments don’t usually require that you do much more than keep the balcony clean, if that. The time that it takes to mow the lawn, prune the hedges or wash the exterior of the building is time that someone else will be taking, not you.

Desirable locations usually have a very low vacancy rate. Apartments are the easiest, most affordable option for having a home where you need it to be. An apartment in a good location is much easier to find than a single-family home. Apartments are also more likely to be built in high-density locations, like the downtown area of a large city.

With most apartments, you can have a desirable home in a desirable location with few maintenance responsibilities. By buying your own apartment, you can have all this, plus the many little freedoms of a home owner. You will be living in a growing source of funds in the form of equity and have opportunities to increase your equity through home improvements. Looking at it this way, it’s a great time to buy an apartment instead of renting!
Marci McFarland is a Sarasota real estate agent with a broad professional approach. Her unique insight into the various lifestyle requirements of her clients, combined with an intimate knowledge of her service area including Casey Key real estate, make her an ideal choice for families and investors alike.

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