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Things to Consider When Selling Your Property

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By : Eshkarvin Kenezer    99 or more times read
Give a Good Impression

When you have lived in a place or rented out your property for a while, it would definitely need some sprucing up before putting it on the market. A property that is run down or not maintained well will not give a good impression to the potential buyer and he or she may lose interest in the property immediately. If you are unable to do it yourself, have a professional to survey the repair works that need to be carried out and ensure that you thoroughly clean the property before making appointments for potential buyers to view the place. A little effort in making the property presentable and salable goes a long way.

Promote to Sell

A property needs to be effectively promoted and marketed to potential buyers to start generating interest. If you are serious about selling your property soon at a desirable price, ensure that the word gets out onto the market about the features, benefits and the location of your property. What are the things that differentiate your property from the next? What is it about your property that would appeal the most to potential buyers? Your property needs to be distinguished from the thousands of other properties that are up for sale as well. Aside from placing advertisements in the newspapers, online and other printed media, use your network connections to spread the word. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of the "word of mouth".

Correct Asking Price

When setting the asking price for your property, survey the current market price for properties such as yours and weigh it against its location, accessibility and improvement works you have done on it. Set the price within the accepted range, ensuring that it remains competitive enough to attract potential buyers. Aside from that, rationally decide on the lowest price you are willing to accept beforehand, so as to avoid accepting an offer too rashly.

Seriously Consider Every Offer

Now that sufficient interest has been generated and some offers are starting to come in, you must seriously consider and weigh each and every offer you receive. Try not to wait too long to accept an offer in the hopes of getting a better price for your property. In most cases, the first few offers are the best ones. This is because your property is still fresh on the market, hence will garner more generous offers as opposed to it being listed for quite some time and still not being sold, resulting in buyers offering you a lower price.

No Pressure

When taking prospective buyers to view your property, gently highlight the unique features that are present as well as the benefits of your property. Demonstrate that the plumbing and other appliances that are included with your property are in working order and well maintained. Describe to them the environment of the development and its surrounding area. After that, leave them to explore the property by themselves. Try not to follow them around, bombarding them with every little detail of what you have done to the property to make it better than all the rest. In other words, do not hard sell the place. Making the decision on which property to buy is tough enough already. They would think and decide better without further pressure.

Selling off a property is no easy task. However, with a little bit of planning, research and patience, investing time and energy in the selling process may be worth it in the end.
Eshkarvin Kenezer is an avid property investor. He executes well thought out strategic moves by buying and selling high end condominiums to the right people at the right time. He owns multiple property websites such as the Malaysia Condominium Real Estate website, which is a huge condominium portal connecting real estate agents, buyers, and sellers across Malaysia.

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