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When putting your house on the market, careful consideration must be taken to ensure that the chances of a sale are maximized. Today's buyer has many homes to choose from, all with competitive prices. Your home must be set apart and show like a house that can't be passed up. There are a few things that you as a homeowner should do before listing your home on the market.

Imagine yourself as a buyer who is seriously thinking of buying your home. If there is one thing to know about buyers of any product, it's that they want a high quality product at a good value. So this is what you need to do: show the quality of your home so the buyer will see the value. Some people may not feel that their home is of high quality if it's older, small, or in a neglected part of town, but there are ways to increase its appeal by enhancing certain areas of the home.

An effective place to start looking for appeal is at your home's exterior. This is where the buyer will see your home for the first time, so ensure that their first impression is a positive one. Remove, clean, or fix anything that is eye-catching for the wrong reasons. Start with excess clutter in the yard. Prune scraggly tree branches, mow the lawn, and weed flower beds. If the season permits, add fresh flowers to the garden and hang colorful baskets to add life to the home.

The exterior of the house itself needs careful attention too. Make sure the windows are clean and examine the siding for moss or dirt and remove if necessary. This can be done with a power-washer and while you're at it, you might as well use it on the driveway, and any decks or balconies. Remove any blockage from gutters to ensure they flow without obstruction, and repair them if necessary. Check to see that all exterior lights work and add a fresh coat of paint to areas like the sidewalls, garage and front door, if they are dull or peeling.

Once the outside is taken care of, move on inside. Your buyer will likely walk through the front door, so again, let their positive first impression of the exterior of your home carry on to the interior. Keep the entrance tidy, organized and free of clutter. Clean the carpets and polish the floors to show that the home is well-maintained. Enhance the size of each room by removing extra furniture if possible. Remove personal effects like photos, trophies and fridge magnets so they don't get in the way of the buyer picturing their family living in the home, rather than yours.

The kitchen and bathrooms must be cleaned and smelling fresh. Wipe down drawers, cabinets, and electrical switches, and remove extra items from countertops. Areas under the sinks need to be organized, and the same goes for closets. Storage is a big factor when someone is considering buying a home, so enhance that feature in any way possible. When these tasks are completed, move on to the garage and basement and enhance their usability by showing how organized they can be.
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