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Buy Sacramento Real Estate With The Help Of A Realtor

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By : David Yaffee    99 or more times read
If you are planning to purchase properties in Sacramento (Commercial or even residential), it is advisable to look for a trusted realtor beforehand. Once you have found a realtor who can give you a helping hand with all your real estate transactions, then you may ask him to look for possible property listings immediately.

But how to make sure you are dealing with the right realtor? Is there a way to know if your chosen realtor really cares about your dream house and not just after your money? How will you know if the realtor is legitimate or not?

Well, I've listed several ways to determine if the realtor is legitimate and can be trusted. Check them out below:

Check your Realtor's Real Estate License - The Real Estate License will be the determining factor if the realtor you are about to hire is legitimate or not. So, check it out and if you are not sure about the validity of the license, you may ask for a photocopy and bring it straight to the Department of Real Estate (DRE) and let them examine the license if it is fake or genuine. When you have made sure that the license is genuine, then let the realtor proceed with the transaction.

Don't forget to check your realtor's credential - You have the right to know your potential realtor's credential. You can easily find his credentials through his website and if you are still in doubt, you may ask for his curriculum vitae and check all his personal experiences as a realtor through his CV. You can also ask his performances from his former clients and even from his friends that you might also know.

Legitimate realtors will suggest for a contract of agreement - A responsible realtor will ask his potential client to have a written agreement between them before they proceed with the real estate deal. The written contract includes the percentage commission he will get once the deal has been sealed and other important information concerning his job as your realtor. It is also advisable to get at least two witnesses so you can be sure that someone will depend you if ever he violates the contract of agreement.

Ask the realtor's colleague if he can be trusted or not - There is no other person in the world who can gauge your would-be realtor other than his own colleague in the industry. Attend open houses in the region and look for someone who may know him in person and even as a realtor. Get facts about him, about his lifestyle and his working habits. When you find out that he is worth keeping then do not let him go. Keep him and start doing real estate business with him right away. However, do not hire your target realtor if his colleagues tell you that he ain't a good realtor. Remember that they know him better than you so trust what they say and just look for another realtor if he turns out to be a fluke.

Visit the Department of Real Estate (DRE) and ask if your realtor is a legitimate one - We all know that the DRE is the sole government organization where you can check about a realtor's legitimacy when it comes to providing real estate services. So, if you have doubts about the realtor you are going to hire, then don't hesitate to come and visit the nearest DRE in your county and submit the realtor's name and let the DRE checked if he is a licensed one and has the right to transact real estate business.

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