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Foreclosure Feeling: Dealing with Real Estate Depression

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By : Jacquelyn Marks    99 or more times read
Dealing with the amount of foreclosures and the fall of the real estate market has caused a rise in depression (as much as 37 percent of people facing the foreclosure axe) and yes, even suicides among the affected. Facing foreclosure can be a devastating experience, one that can make someone contemplate ending it all. There are also other factors that could cause you to neglect your mental, emotional and even your physical health.

Find solutions. Even the act of hunting and searching for solutions can bolster your well-being. Look into government help, loss mitigation tactics with the bank or other methods to find ways to stop or prevent your home from foreclosure. There are plenty of mortgage relief resources that you can take advantage of. Feeling in control can help combat the spiral into depression and help you get a handle on your situation, eliminating that helpless feeling.

Cut back on the small stuff. You are tightening your belt by cancelling cable and commuting instead of spending on gas, but do not tighten too far by cancelling health insurance or stopping your annual doctor’s visit. This can affect your physical health in the future … and put you at further risk for debt.

Fight stress. The added stress on your family and finances could be undermining your health as well. Find ways to release stress, even just a simple (and free) walk in the park. Frustrated when dealing with the bank? Scream it out! Keeping it spent in can aggravate depression, compound feelings of failure and complicate health in the future.

Check your habits. Do you find that normally you smoke half a pack of cigarettes per day, but lately have been steadily inhaling three or four packs a day? Stress and dealing with a foreclosure can exacerbate vices. Drinking, drug use and even smoking can contribute to depression.

Exercise. Go for a run, a walk, take your bike to the park. Releasing endorphins helps combat the blues and you will feel much better even if you sit on a bench and enjoy the sunshine. Yoga and meditation can also help you find your center and focus less on the foreclosure and more on yourself.

Talk about it. Look for public forums, online or in your town where you can freely express yourself about your situation. You do not need to pay a therapist to listen to your woes. The fact is, you are not the only one in this boat. Find someone to talk to -- a counseling group -- or dial an (800) number. Just having someone listen can sometimes be enough.

Form a support group. Resist temptation to alienate your friends and family. At this point in time, you need a support group more than ever. Living alone in a far-away town? Go online, send an email or find a support group nearby. is the leading provider for onlineforeclosure listings.

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