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Four Solid Tips to Better Sell Foreclosed Properties

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By : Jacquelyn Marks    99 or more times read
Foreclosed properties are great deals for the smart buyer: You get ‘em low and you sell ‘em high for a nice profit. You can even choose to rent them out for a steady income if you want to go the way of the landlord.

The problem, however, is raising the attractiveness and perceived value of a piece of property. Just what can you do to better “sell” a foreclosed property to a buyer or renter?

Here are some of the better tips to help you do just that:

Clean up

One of the single most important things you can do to raise the value of a property is to clean it up.

Dirt, stains, scuffs, mold, mildew and even damp surfaces all cheapen the value of a piece of property. If you have the skill, time and energy to clean things up yourself, then you can save a significant amount of money by taking a “do it yourself” approach to the cleaning. If you are busy with work or simply have no time to get to it, then you need to invest in a professional crew of cleaners to handle the house.

You will also need to spend money for an inspector, just to make sure there are no hidden kinks that can seriously kill the value of your home.

Make it shine

The more sparkle you can put to the property, the higher the perceived value.

Windows, doorknobs, fixtures, railings and the overall paint job are all things that can help make a house sparkle. If the items are badly damaged, then you might need to have them replaced. If they are salvageable, then a good buffing or fresh coat of paint can do the job just fine.

Remember: Nice and shiny is good for selling a property.

Light it up

If you are going to sell a piece of property then make sure it has access to a good amount of sunlight.

Rooms that are illuminated by the natural light of the sun are much more attractive than rooms that are completely hidden away from the sun. Nice, big windows solve these problems most of the time, but even a simple closed window can do the job in sealed rooms. If you have absolutely no way to get sunlight into a room, then make sure you install a light bright enough to reach all the corners of the room without blinding the occupants.

Go green

A green lawn and a few potted plants can do a world of good in making a piece of property attractive.

A green lawn is a no-brainer whenever possible. A good layer of green, hearty grass is a definite plus for anyone looking to buy or rent out a place. A few shrubs or even a tree can make the place even more attractive. Plants can also make rooms feel roomier without having to spend too much money. Just make sure the plants don’t eat up too much space, otherwise they will have the opposite effect.

Keep these tips in mind and you should have an easier time selling the foreclosed property you just bought without breaking the bank! is the leading resource for onlineforeclosure listings.

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