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The reasons why Landlords require a 30 Day Notice for Vacating Renters?

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By : Tony Burnell    99 or more times read
Are you currently a property owner, looking to get some additional revenue by leasing the property to tenants? Then you must be aware of the regulations which would protect you as well as the property. This information will allow everyone to know the process of vacating the tenant from your home through "30 Day Notice".

Allow us first see, what can this 30 day notice pertains to?

Primarily this 30 Day Notice to Vacate is a note that is either provided by the tenant to the property owner or perhaps by the landlord to the tenant. If in case this notice is developed to the tenant, he need to vacate the building within the given thirty day period. If or when he fails to vacate the building within the said time, then the property owner can register a case on courtroom for evicting the tenant from that property. And also the court will order the tenant to evict the building immediately. This is the main process of 30 day notice.

Now you have a query in mind regarding when to utilize this 30 day notice? Well, here is the answer:

In Landlordís Point of view:

  1. Non-payment of Rent: The landlord can supply a 30 day notice to his tenant if the tenant did not pay out that rent even at some point behind his time of charge. Initially he may subject a 3 day note for rent payment; if or when the tenant refuses to pay out the rent actually after this notice, then the property owner can issue a Notice of 30 Days to the tenant to vacate the building within 30 days.

  2. For causing just about any Nuisance or perhaps Waste: If the property owner confirms that the tenant is destroying or perhaps spending his accommodation, then he could supply 30 Day Notice to the tenant to evict the premises within thirty day period.

  3. For Disobeying just about any of the Lease Agreements: If in case the tenant does not obey any of the agreements which is given by the property owner, then the property owner can factor a 30 day notice to the tenant to vacate the property.

In Tenantís Viewpoint:

  1. In the Event of Increased Rent: If the tenant thinks that the rent is much more than what anticipated, then he might factor a notice of 30 days which he will vacate the premises within 30 days.

  2. If in case the Tenant like to Vacate Before the mentioned date: If in case the property owner issues a 60 day notice to the renter to vacate the premises and if the tenant would like to vacate the building little sooner, then the tenant can issue a 30 day notice to the landlord to leave the premises little earlier.

So now you understand what and also when you may use this 30 Day Notice to your tenant. So, if you're trying to rent your property, try to follow the Acts and agreements given by the Law so as to safeguard your building from many problems that could well be caused by the tenant.
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