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Why Property Is The Best Investment Option Today

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By : William King    99 or more times read
Each and every person in this world works 24x7 to earn. A lot of us then look to stabilize and multiply the earned money by investing it in potentially lucrative avenues. There are a lot of investment options which can be chosen. But there are risks involved as well. For example the capital market was once the chosen investment option for most investors. But the risks involved were just too many and this led to a gradual decline in the numbers. Then people looked to invest in small businesses. Over time this investment option too failed to sustain the large numbers and is now fading away. But one investment option has stood against the test of time and stayed as reliable as it ever was. Yes, we are talking about property. Property is one of the best and most recommended investment options of all times. But what is it about property that makes it so lucrative an investment option?

The positive cash flow

Property is probably the only investment option which allows you to have a positive cash flow all along. After all what is more attractive than making money while you own the property? A lot of people are today looking for loans with low interest rates. The trick is to look for property which will then generate a positive cash flow. A lot of people look for three to four less expensive properties than looking for one which is rather expensive as it increases the positive cash flow. Interest only loans are another way of generating positive income. Since you will only be paying the interest for the first few years, you can easily use this loan to keep the cash flow going. Then by the end of the interest only term period, most people sell or refinance the property. There are of course several other ways by which you can maximize the income that you can generate with property.

The rules of the game

Like any other investment, property too has its own set of rules. If you play your right cards at the right time, you will be maximizing your profits. Have you ever heard of opportunity cost? Well, it is the cost of something in terms of a lost opportunity. For example if you invest an amount like $100K, in a property in Maine, the opportunity cost would be the amount of money you could have made by investing the same money in a city like New York. The opportunity cost would also be the amount of money that you would have made by investing the same money in some other business. In property, it is extremely important that a person understands the opportunity cost factor. A lot of people try to invest in a couple of properties and then keep it for a time frame of 20 to 25 years. But what they do not realize is that in doing this they are limiting the earning potential that the property has. There are options of selling or refinancing as well which might need to be looked into before investing in any property.

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