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Dubai – The Number One Choice For Property Investment

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By : William King    99 or more times read
In the real estate industry, Dubai is seen as a prime target for investment purposes. In fact, real estates in Dubai have consistently grown at 20% annually, compared to other places where constant fluctuations are the order of the day. Even otherwise, the tradition of re-selling makes investment in real estates in Dubai a tempting offer. Dubai is such a place where people find the placidity of a desert, and the flurry associated with packed places. With all the technology and infrastructure at its disposal, Dubai has turned out to be a big commercial hub. In fact the areas in the Middle East are the best in business. The climate of Dubai is tropical, and a rare combination of the older and the newer generation can be found here.

Investment opportunities in Dubai are many, a few among them being reservations, exchanges, properties, and managing these properties. In fact, when it comes to properties, the various options available are holiday homes, commercial towers, residential properties, and many other opportunities for investment purpose. With the newest facilities, the living standard at Dubai is the highest compared to the rest of the world.

You can invest in Dubai’s real estate even though you may not ordinarily reside in the United Arab Emirates. Overseas buyers are finding it very easy to buy residential properties in Dubai. Due to the fact that Dubai excels when it comes to the tourism industry, many people are benefiting from the many incredible opportunities for investment available in Dubai. In fact, the booming tourism industry is a primary reason for the popularity of Dubai. Apart from the rental earnings from properties let out, you can buy properties for your private purposes as well. But before considering the purchase of properties in Dubai, get to know a few facts.

First, visit Dubai to get a clear idea of what is there on offer. Just going by someone’s recommendation will not help, and you will need to evaluate things yourself. Besides, this will increase your awareness about the lifestyle in Dubai which is very important. So make sure that you visit Dubai personally before investing in real estate here.

The concern of mortgage in Dubai also needs to be understood. It is very much possible to mortgage in Dubai even though you may not be a UAE resident. Barclays, HSBC and other international banks take care of these issues, but ensure to have a look at the restrictions imposed. But given that the situation of mortgaging has only improved, this cannot pose much of a problem.

There is another aspect that needs consideration, which is renting properties in Dubai. Emaar has recently banned short term lets on properties in order to keep down the bottlenecks to the development of those properties. However, this is applicably only to properties of Emaar, and short term means a period of less than half a year. So if you are considering buying properties for rental purpose, then by avoiding properties of Emaar, you will surely get good deals!

It has thus become clear that investment in Dubai is really a great opportunity and should never be looked down upon.

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